I get a professional trim!

Well that was unexpected.  My mum tells me I’m having a professional groom because a neighbour’s dog is currently being pampered in a mobile dog salon  – and I can be next!

I was allowed to inspect the Dial-A-Dog-Wash salon before my treatment and I gave it the paws up – roomy, warm, no buzzy noises.  Just hoped the dog being washed in the sink was gone before my turn…

We are delighted with the result – long ears, long tail, but my chest smooth, feathers gone and all my spots on show.  Tracey, a lovely lady, took TONS of hair off.  People thought I was getting fat but it was just because I was very shaggy.  Slimline now!

I don’t think I had this blog the last – and only – time I went to a proper groomer but it was not an experience I wanted to repeat.  There were awful buzzing noises, a splashy bath and I was so TRAUMATISED my mum brought me home wet.  She should have known I would be terrified since I’m frightened of buzzy things like the vacuum and a hairdryer.  Since then my mum has clipped me and I have got used to the noise of electric clippers.

But we’ll definitely be seeing Tracey again.

Tracey and me.  Don’t I look smart!


Tracey operates Dial-A-Dog-Wash Tyneside


To book

phone  0191 258 2448 or 07548 017233

email   traceydadw@gmail.com

Nationwide service  http://www.dialadogwash.com


The never ending trim

I need a trim, says my mum.  AGAIN???  Yes, I can tell by the hair sprouting out of your paws, she says.  Luckily, because there’s not too much regrowth and she’s getting the hang of it, we were done in about ten minutes.

It’s very hot today so she waited until the sun had moved then set to.  Even so, she was boiling by the time she’d finished so we retreated inside.  The cats have been indoors all afternoon, snoozing on human beds.  I’m not allowed to do that, huh, not even with all that hair removed.


Not another trim!

She’s been at me again, my mum: forced me into the yard, made me stay still while she wielded those clippers like Excalibur!  It’s only five minutes since I was done – surely it’s not time yet?  I had chrysanthemum paws, she said, and I will be much happier with less fur in the sunshine.  Even skimmed off my leg feathers – though my tail survived untouched!  There was a great big pile of cuttings once she’d finished.

Admittedly, I have been a bit overheated outdoors on warm days but there is always our tiled hall to cool off on once we are back home.  And if I’m bushed when we are out I can usually find a shady spot to recover.


Look at how my gorgeous spots appear when I’m clipped really short!

The big trim

The new clippers arrived so my mum set to straight away.  It took quite a while for her to get used to them and she thinks she will make a better job next time.  I’m not exactly bald but a mass of fur was sliced off and lots of brown spots have appeared along my flanks to match my legs.   Don’t remember them from puppyhood!

I start off okay but get fed up quite quickly, shuffling away into a corner and having to be coaxed out.  I really don’t like my feet trimmed but she insists on snipping off the tufts between my toes and paws.  She says I look six pounds thinner.

Glad that’s over for a few months.  WHAT – she might go over me again with the shorter blade??

Left, after; bottom right, before

Bespoke English Springer Spaniel clippers (10F and 4F German steel blades) from http://www.masterclip.co.uk/

But it’s winter!

Can you believe it?   December and mum decides I need a trim.  But it’s winter, I tell her, I’ll freeze!

She’s having none of my protestations: I look like a shaggy rug, my toes are sprouting chrysanthemums and my ears are disgraceful.  Huh.  So it’s outdoors and the electric grooming tool whizzing all over the place.

I have to admit she’s getting the hang of the groomer and did me in record time.  Though that may also have been because it was chilly outside.  Still no wind so the cuttings didn’t fly all around the yard.  I was treated to biscuits afterwards for being such a good, obedient boy.

The aftermath


What a day

…I’ve had.  Out at the crack of dawn with the Irish cousin, back to my mum who was still in bed and then a pub lunch.  You know how I like a pub lunch.  There was beef, a bit of Yorkshire pudding, potato, gravy and some green stuff – ah, broccoli.  Not keen on green stuff but there wasn’t much so it went down.  Mum says she’s not looking forward to it going through my system!

There was a lovely black labrador who was really friendly and let me share her water bowl.  I could have had my own but it’s good to share, especially with a smart girl like that.

Back home we had a rest then my mum took me in the yard and, yes, you’ve guessed it – a trim.  We have visitors coming this week and she wants me smart.  I had to have another lie down after that.  Fair done in, I was.


What about my mental wellbeing?

Hmm, my mum has been internet shopping.  Amongst purchases are my usual kibble, Dr John Gold Medal (specially for working dogs – did you know the Queens’s dogs are fed this brand?), a book about the canal trip she’s taking this year (without me!) and a ‘grooming kit’.

I’m not all sure about that last one – somehow don’t think it’s for her as she usually buys her stuff at Fenwick’s.  ‘Grooming kit dog hair trimmer’ is the full description and I suspect it involves electricity which means buzzy noise and I don’t like buzzy noises, especially if they are close.

I’m pretty bomb proof except around vacuum cleaners and hairdryers.  I was once taken for a professional groom and came out utterly TRAUMATISED by all the buzzy noises and the whirling bath.  My mum said I was a wuss and should have enjoyed the soap suds and warm water but it scared me horribly.

Now it looks as if she’s buying a buzzy thing to trim me at home; it takes too long with scissors, she says, because I have sooooooo much hair.  But I say what about my mental wellbeing?