Clean bill of health

fullsizeoutput_70dfMe and Cleo were pronounced fit and healthy on our visit to the vet tonight for our booster vaccinations.  The diva is the same weight as last year – 4.6kg and I’ve lost a bit and am 24.8kg, down from around 26kg.  I put on weight last summer when I was recuperating from my broken leg when I was on a very restricted exercise regime.  My mum couldn’t bear to cut down on my food when I wasn’t able to run around and enjoy myself.

Cleo yelled all the way there but was calmer coming home.  Must admit I thought we were going to the beach even though it was pitch dark.  Bustled into the surgery, got weighed, checked over and admired, quick injection and back in the car.

Marley’s turn next, tee hee.