Domino offloads his troubles

Not only do I get sat on and kneaded, now Domino (Irish Aunt’s puss) has started to offload his troubles on me.

There was no food in his bowl at 5am, the Sprog turfed him out when he sneaked in to wake her at 6am and, because a neighbouring cat was coming in through HIS window and spraying the house, he no longer has free access to outside.  What a tale of woe.

A5CA0700-0F24-42D2-B86E-79E246CD629F_1_201_aDomino in full voice

Personally I think he has the life of Riley.  Back yards to explore, an adoring family and ME, willing to have him sprawl over my tummy and paddle on my fur.  I’m frit of cats and I daren’t push him off.  He’s a big ‘un and I’ve no idea what he would do if I objected.

So I lie here calmly and listen…canine agony aunt, that’s me.