“Working nine to five…”

Version 2

Nose to the grindstone today,  a full shift as a working dog.  I get to meet loads of customers and I had a really important job this morning when cash arrived and I stood as security guard while it was counted and put in the safe.

I take these duties very seriously and am justly rewarded.  I had chicken for breakfast (don’t tell Marley Cat who lurves chicken and will be angry he missed out) and was paid in full with a lovely new toy.  Think I’ll take him home cos he may not be there the next time I’m in the shop.



A proper working dog, me

Mum’s away so I have been at boot camp the past week.  Mostly had fun: two walks a day, cats that play with me (sometimes even when I’m not feeling playful…) games with the sprog.

Today, however, my Irish aunt said I had to earn my keep and I had to go and work for the day.  Boy, wasn’t sure about this but, as ever, I ventured forth with enthusiasm – too much maybe as I got told off for pulling on the lead.


We got to her work and, yes, I remembered the rules:

* 1. Don’t pee on the bags

* 2. Don’t bark at the customers

*3. Only greet a customer if they are dog friendly.

OK, I got it – and whoop, whoop, our day began.  Lots of people came and most people gave me loads of fuss and cuddles.  This work palaver is a piece of cake!  Think I’ll earn my keep more often.  Happy days.

I still miss my mum though.