Sherry passed over the rainbow bridge in October 2013, aged at least 16 (she was rescued by my mum in 1999 when she was over two).  We have a new cat now, Marley.  Come back Sherry!!!  And another as of July 2014, yuk!

Suppose I’d better introduce THE CAT as she does feature a lot in my life.  She was in my home for a long time before I arrived and she wasn’t at all happy to have an excitable 8-week old puppy on her territory.  When I was little she beat me up and she still hisses and puffs herself up when she feels like it so I have to be very careful.  Sometimes I just pretend she’s not there but other times – when she’s not looking – I give her rear end a sniff.  It’s the front which is dangerous. Apparently she’s called Sherry – what sort of name is that for a cat?  I thought it was a drink.

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