Tiptoe through the…daffodils!

We have sun which means the spring flowers are blooming in our park at last.  I had to do a close inspection, too close according to my mum who was furious when I charged through the bed of daffodils.  I listened, got down real low instead and rubbed my chest and tummy in them.  That was wonderfully cooling on a hot afternoon.  I’m sure Mum was happy with that.

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Spa day

I look like what – a shaggy rug, and I have chrysanthemum paws???  I’m truly insulted!  Taking myself off with the lovely Tracey of Dial A Dog Wash for a spa day, the full works – wash, dry and a super trim.  I’ll give her chrysanthemum feet!



How smart is this?  Curly topknot gone, pedicure completed and all my spots on show.  I smell gorgeous too – anyone for a cuddle?



Waterproofs for me and my mum

We sat out in the yard in glorious sunshine yesterday but this morning it was pelting down so it was waterproofs for me and my mum as we went to meet friends for coffee.  Wellies for her too but by the time we got to the café her trousers were soaked through.

I know I was very lucky to get a walk at all because normally my mum avoids heavy rain.  Plus I had toast with her friends.  I like coffee get togethers very much.

Ready for the rain and with my Aunty Diana


Today we went to the Crab and Waltzer



One rule for cats, another for canines!

Seems there’s one rule for cats but a completely different set for canines.  My mum has been visiting family and friend in Ireland so I’ve been staying with the Irish aunt who was also feeding the cats.

Turns out Marley has put on quite a bit of weight while she was away – but has been rumbled.  The Irish aunt mistakenly fed him two days’ rations EVERY day so he’s eaten a staggering two kilos of fresh meat in eight days, plus kibble and anything he could (and did) steal from his mate Cleo.  No double rations for me!

He’s been buttering up to our mum something rotten since she came home, obviously wanting the increased diet to continue.  But she’s having none of it.  He’s actually oozing out of the shoe box he’s so fond of.


I’m pleased my mum is home and she says she’s missed me a lot.  I’ve been getting loads of cuddles and romps in the park.

Oh no, Max has to have surgery!


Max , left, and Paddy

My mum is a big fan of Max and Paddy out in the Lake District*, a pair of English springer spaniels who have huge following, especially on Facebook.  In fact she met them last week – huh, didn’t take me but took some of my Tails.com treats (the cheek!).

Now we find out Max has to have expensive surgery to remove a bone chip from his left ‘elbow’ joint – the same bit of leg I broke two years ago. I hope he doesn’t have to wear the cone of shame though my mum says it’s unlikely as he is such a well behaved dog.

Max was a rescue dog, as well as being too old, so his owners could not get insurance. His (and Paddy’s) fans have started a fundraiser to help with the costs.

Please donate if you can.  These boys are such fun.


* https://www.facebook.com/maxinthelakes/

Update: The appeal raised a whopping £3,830


I get a surprise massage


I’m at the Irish Aunt’s at the weekend and snuggled up with her on her bed when I feel something rather lovely on my neck – oooh, a comforting massage.  Knead, knead, knead – it’s Dominic, her youngest cat and a very good friend.  He plays with me and keeps his claws in, not like the two I live with or Missy, the other cat here, who are free with the swipes.

It’s not every dog who has his own personal masseur.

Snuggles with Dominic



The second delivery of my personalised food arrived today, labelled up with my name so no-one could be any doubt.  That didn’t take account of Marley, however.

My mum prepares my dinner and there he is, whoosh like a CAT-a-pult in the kitchen, head over my bowl!  I didn’t get a look in for ages while he sniffed and sampled the provisions.  There’s nothing he won’t dare do.


Personalised kibble from  https://tails.com/