Slim Jim

Seems like yesterday that I was shorn but no, time for another groom declares my mum.  I tried to hide in the house but she was having none of it.  She is getting quicker at this shearing and it was good to be in the sun.

We had visitors midway so coffee came out and I had a break.  Slim Jim she’s calling me and claims she could build another dog off the trimmings!

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Cats rule, grrr

IMG_3067Another great sunny day and I’ve had a ‘business’ walk down the street (if you know what I mean!) but mum says we can’t go for a proper walk until Marley and Cleo’s cat litter has been delivered.

We were out on Friday and missed the delivery so have to stay put until it’s here.  Two knocks on the door already so I was hopeful – but the first was someone to pick up my mum’s food mixer which has a problem and the second was the postie with a parcel.

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Suppose I’m just going to have to make the best of the yard – which is, I must say, looking very pretty with bright window boxes, lilac in bloom, lots of hostas (snails haven’t ot them yet) and a beautiful new olive tree with a twisted stem.

Cleo is nowhere to be seen – probably on top of the bay window at the front – but Marley is snoozing with me.

A right earful…

what's this 'ear

Dog-napped by the Irish Aunt who took me to the town’s pet shop and bought me some fantastic treats.  Mum has already got chicken feet (crunchy and very tasty) and some Yumove* daily chunks which are delicious but are gone in one bite.

IA got me a deer ear: that’s an ear from a deer, not a dear ear…all hairy, a right earful.  There’s a buffalo ear for another day; that one has fur too.

Mum says she wouldn’t want to be down wind of me tonight!  I have no idea what she’s talking about.

* Yumove is a glucosamine supplement for dogs whose joints are starting to creak.  Sometimes I’m stiff after an energetic run so this should help.

Beach bliss

Haven’t been down the beach with my mum for ages but today I’m packed in the car and whoosh…the beach!  It was not long after high tide so the waves were close in and I had a wonderful time chasing the ball in the foam and crashing though the surf.  Back home it was on with the surf dog robe until I dried out then I lay on it in the sun.  This is the life, utter bliss.


Run bun bun


Oh the indignity – mum has me in rabbit ears for Easter.  Marley was having none of it but I agreed for a quick photoshoot to keep the peace.  Really I wanted to run bun bun…

For compensation she took me out for breakfast, a new place which has gorgeous food for humans and free dog biscuits for us canines.  Mum tried to take a photo of me holding my paw to get a biscuit but I was too quick snaffling it.

We stayed for ages because the sun was streaming in the widows, my mum had yesterday’s newspaper to read and her berry drink was slow to melt.