Catch up!

Apologies from my mum for not keeping the blog updated. Like so many, she’s found it tough living through Covid restrictions (plus she thinks WordPress is far too complicated now). Us dogs are fine and we have loads of photos to share.

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Irish Aunt is dogsitting two scamps Jet and Jessie for a couple of weeks so there have been four of us walking out, playing and slumbering around. The terrible twosome stay with her while Chip and me rotate between the two homes. There’s been a bit of trouble because Jet, the black one, likes to chase cats so Domino has taken a few days to adjust. Now he’s in tease mode!

Sossidges…and ice cream!

What a blissful morning down the beach – swimming, sossidges and ICE CREAM! Not altogether of course.

Me and Chip had fun in the water but mum says we are a pain because Chip won’t go in far and I drop the ball so she gets her feet wet. Today’s sandals got soaked and when we arrived home she found the sole was split so they went in the bin. They were old and she has lots more.

There’s a lovely dog friendly café right next to the beach where we had a long drink then shared mum’s enormous sausage sandwich. Then another treat when we got back to the car park – she said we could have ice cream, just between us dogs. WOW, YUM!

Al fresco brunch in Newcastle

Big outing today as we left home just after 9am to go for brunch with friends at Blackfriars Restaurant in Newcastle. My mum loves this place but had never been for brunch in the courtyard at the 13c friarage. I’m an experienced metro traveller so that was easy peasy but my mum had to show me the way to the restaurant.

There was a big lawn, parasols and good sized tables so I could get in the shade. Then mum ordered me a doggy brunch – sautéed liver with vegetables – and that came before anyone else’s food. Wow, was it delicious! There’s a rumour that I won’t eat vegetables but these were wonderful – clean dish in no time.

I got loads of attention from mum’s friends and, although I wanted a nap, I didn’t dare fall asleep in case I missed any fuss or titbits. Plenty time to rest when I got home. Hope we do this again.

Apologies for the big gap in blogging. Mum has had a lot on her mind.

Run, bun…doggos!

I don’t mind dressing up but Chip is much more enthusiastic than me when it comes to headgear. It’s Easter weekend so out come the rabbit ears. Run, bun, bun says my mum. But we’re doggos, not rabbits! Can we have a creme egg if we pose? Nope, dogs can’t have chocolate she says. Ok, you can’t have a doggo smile then!

There’s no business like snow business…

Chip’s foot is so much better that he was allowed out for a walk today for the first time in a week. We went to the quarry, one of our favourite places, but Irish Aunt said he had to take it easy and not damage his newly healed paw. Still lots of snow with us and it’s bitterly cold so we both had our warm winter coats on to keep out the chill.