Domino offloads his troubles

Not only do I get sat on and kneaded, now Domino (Irish Aunt’s puss) has started to offload his troubles on me.

There was no food in his bowl at 5am, the Sprog turfed him out when he sneaked in to wake her at 6am and, because a neighbouring cat was coming in through HIS window and spraying the house, he no longer has free access to outside.  What a tale of woe.

A5CA0700-0F24-42D2-B86E-79E246CD629F_1_201_aDomino in full voice

Personally I think he has the life of Riley.  Back yards to explore, an adoring family and ME, willing to have him sprawl over my tummy and paddle on my fur.  I’m frit of cats and I daren’t push him off.  He’s a big ‘un and I’ve no idea what he would do if I objected.

So I lie here calmly and listen…canine agony aunt, that’s me.

All at once!

Irish Aunt says she’s getting me a treat – mmm, what could it be: pig’s ear, antler, those bacon strips?  No, it’s a bag of tennis balls and I can have them in the house, ALL AT ONCE!

I’m not allowed balls in the house at home so this is an absolute dream.  Which one shall I play with first or can I turn them into a game?

And how do I stop Domino taking possession?  HELP!!



In the huff


Imprisoned, imprisoned mind you, in the kitchen for what my mum said was to be a light, winter trim.  Only to stop me looking like a shaggy sheep, not to expose me to winter WEATHER.

But I was moving around so much, she said, that it came out uneven and she had to take more off than she wanted.  Left my chest, belly and feathers though.  Didn’t even get a treat afterwards so I took to my bed in the huff.

Before the clippers got to work.


I am 11 now!

Celebrating my 11th birthday at the Irish Aunt’s.  What surprises will she have in store for me?  The beach, ice cream, gravy bones, a deer ear (that’s from a deer, not expensive)?  Excited.

That photo of me as a tiny puppy – brought home in the cat basket, can you believe – was my first time in my forever home.  I had a happy first summer destroying all the plants…

11 today

Will school not help?

Since I’ve been in the dog house for my naughty behaviour I thought it would be a good idea to get some training. But I can’t get it right.

fullsizeoutput_9d45Irish Aunt walked me again today, accompanying the Sprog part of the way to school.  Hah, a school, that’s where I can learn, I thought and attempted to follow.

But no, IA wasn’t having any of it and tugged me away.  I’m so puzzled, will school not help?

Anyway, I found a stick so that made the day better.

Driving my mum to drink!

Blotted my copybook very badly while out yesterday.  After free rein down our pedestrianised street mum took me the lead to various shops and we ended up at bank she needed to use.  She slotted my lead (Halti double ended lead) through one of the rings outside especially for the convenience of canines.

She wasn’t inside long but I was so raring to go when she came out that I completely lost my senses.  As she was taking the lead out of the ring, I made off, fast as you like.

Mum shrieked, I took no notice, but a passerby grabbed me and hauled me back.

She was so perturbed she poured herself a gin and tonic when we got back home, even though it was only the middle of the afternoon.  She said I was driving her to drink!

The Irish Aunt, who took me on the waggonway this morning, says I’m getting cantankerous in my old age.  Old, I’m only ten*!!

Truffle is 11 on February 1.

Mum made marmalade!

marmalade 2019My mum has been busy in the kitchen making marmalade.  Lots of people have asked her for the recipe but it’s in an old book (TimeLife ‘Preserving’ published in the 1980s) and not on the internet.  She thought it would be a good idea to photograph the recipe – and the marmalade! – and put it on here.  She says it’s lovely – deeply fruity and caramelised from long cooking (over an hour!) – but I bet I don’t like it.  I don’t like fruit.

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