Better balance


I’ve had a haircut this morning to make me look a bit less lopsided after the right leg was shaved for surgery.  There’s a good covering on it now but it was nowhere near as long as the rest of my coat so mum got out the clippers and tried to get a better balance.  Anyone would have to get up really close now to notice the difference and, my mum says, I look so much slimmer and may not have put on weight through reduced exercise.  Maybe that will mean the reintroduction of some treats…


Done in

IMG_5449My mum upgraded me to three ten minute walks today and I am dead beat, real done in !  She laughs and says my head doesn’t realise what I’ve been through with breaking my elbow but my body sure does.

Our schedule has changed completely since the injury cos we can’t go down the beach or run free anywhere.  Mum lies in then we’ve been having a stroll down the street which is repeated later in the day.  Sometimes in the afternoons we’ve been going to a dog friendly cafe for coffee and cake.  She tucks in and I get fuss from everyone.

This morning we went out for breakfast (bacon & avocado in a huge muffin; needless to say none came my way), back home and after she’d read the paper it was off to the shops.  I like going to the shops, very proud to walk alongside my mum and get attention.  Afterwards we lazed in the yard and Marley and me chummed up in the summerhouse.

But now that I’ve had my dinner I’m done in.  Sleepytime…


Dog friendly cafes:                                         

A pop sock??

She’s got me in a pop sock now.  A pop sock!!  Fed up with me constantly crashing into doors, bookcases and bashing her legs, my mum removed the cone of shame and dressed my leg in a pop sock.  Have to admit it is easier to manage though I’m awfully tempted to lick my shin through it…

Doggy visitor cheers me up

I had an unexpected visitor, a doggy visitor and WOW, did that cheer me up.  I gave him such a greeting cos I was so pleased to see him, then treated him to a thorough ear wash.

He’s one of the regular pals from the beach so, with being housebound, I haven’t seen him in absolutely ages.  When you’re not getting out as usual you do wonder whether your mates have forgotten about you and will still recognise you.  But all was well;  he remembered me and my house.

Of course, that could be the free dog biscuits.  Hmm, better keep an eye on how many he eats.  I don’t mind sharing, but I am the principal shareholder.

Instrument of torture

Trapped, I’m trapped in an instrument of torture.  What’s the use of the sun blazing bright, mum and both cats sunbathing all day long, if I’m stuck in this collar?

It’s not all bad because my first five minute walk was to the shops and lots of people made a big fuss when they saw this contraption.   And I found it very supportive when I was falling asleep – no chin crashing on the stones – plus I can both drink and eat.  Mum says if any bits of food fall into the collar I can save them for later.  Yuk, they might go off so better eat them straighaway!

My mum is sort of pleased (even if she says I keep bumping into her and making bruises) because it has stopped me licking my shin and the ointment should be starting to do its work.  Maybe in a couple of days I will be free.  A dog can dream…


Desperate measures

I am adorned with the cone of shame and am having great difficulty managing myself around the house and yard.


My mum put it on because I wouldn’t stop licking my shaved leg which has become infected and needs steroid cream twice a day.  Of course I’m licking it straight off cos it’s sticky.   She tried a bandage but I got that off in seconds so it was desperate measures.

But this cone is too much.  I’ve not a clue how to manoeuvre and have been banging into things, knocking over plantpots in the yard and got stuck trying to get into the summerhouse.   Thing is, it’s see-through so you don’t realise the edge is about a foot away and…whack!!

I also got into trouble for sneaking up to my mum and bashing her legs with the edge.  She wasn’t very happy cos she fell while we were out for the first time yesterday and is already very sore.

I’m really worried about not being able to eat my dinner.  I may starve to death.  How can I possibly reach my bowl with this thing on?




Light exercise prescribed

Vet was very pleased with me today and I’m now allowed five minutes’ walk outside, on the lead, three times a day for a week, ten minutes the following week and finally 15.

I’m not allowed stairs or getting onto furniture (house rule doesn’t allow, anyway) until after I’ve had my post-op scans in five weeks.  Going to be tough but the vet says my elbow will be as good as new, if not stronger, at the end.

He talked through the surgery with my mum and showed her the x-ray and CT scans.  Look at all the pins holding me together!

Picture one shows the pins, second the break and the third is a 3D image built from the CT scans. 

When we got home it was dinnertime and I had a treat in with my kibble – pilchards in tomato sauce.  Wow, I LOVE pilchards in tomato sauce.