Chased by big orange balls!

My mum came back from shopping with two huge orange balls.  I thought they were for me to play with until I had a sniff and she nudged them towards me.  Those balls smelt funny, were heavy and chased me down the hall!

She told me they are pumpkins and for Halloween, to put outside to show we have goodies for kids trick or treating.  She’s put them on the window ledge.  Best place for them.  I wus frit!



Shoe shopping

fullsizeoutput_6fd6I’m having a lovely kip after the morning exertions and suddenly my mum is on her feet, coat on and leader in hand asking me if I’m coming to the shops.  Yessss, I can sleep later!

What I didn’t know was that she was intent on buying shoes.  I love the shoe shop cos customers and staff are always friendly.  And today there were lots of kids having shoes fitted so I was the star attraction and got loads of cuddles.  My mum loves shoes and I respect her by never having chewed any of hers.  She kept them well clear when I was a pup but isn’t worried now.  Sometimes I might take one to my bed so that her comforting scent is with me when I sleep; gloves too are nice.

When she finally went to the till to pay I was abandoned so put on a ‘man bored’ face.



Hurry up!


It’s the weekend, my mum is watching James Martin on TV and says I have to wait until the programme is finished before we can go out.  Harrumph!  I’ve had an extra special cuddle (on the sofa, don’t tell) but it’s not the same as being out and about, sniffing and watering the surroundings.

Eventually she got her dog walking gear on and we were off.  Oh, not that way?  OK, down the street it is.  We went to the shops, bought some lunch and a fat Saturday newspaper so it’s going to be a relaxing day altogether.  Time for zzzzz.

“Working nine to five…”

Version 2

Nose to the grindstone today,  a full shift as a working dog.  I get to meet loads of customers and I had a really important job this morning when cash arrived and I stood as security guard while it was counted and put in the safe.

I take these duties very seriously and am justly rewarded.  I had chicken for breakfast (don’t tell Marley Cat who lurves chicken and will be angry he missed out) and was paid in full with a lovely new toy.  Think I’ll take him home cos he may not be there the next time I’m in the shop.


Too many leaves!

Mum, there’s too many leaves!  I know I dropped the ball but how on earth do you expect me to find it in all these leaves?  Ireland and the UK were battered by Storm Ophelia yesterday and overnight it’s been very windy where we live, stripping lots of leaves from the trees and even breaking one in half.  Maybe we’ll find it in the spring.  At least it was only a 50p ball, not another Chuckit.