The biggest dog kennel in the world!

Just look what my mum made for me – the biggest dog kennel in the world!  It’s got all the doggy necessities, kitted out with a rug, plants, chairs so that she can join me when I need company and a table at nose height for snaffling leftovers.


Wait a minute, she says it’s NOT A DOG KENNEL, it’s a summerhouse.  Could have fooled me.  I love it, and the new flagstones in the yard. Sandstone with fossils, I’m told.

Now I should explain for my US fans that an English yard is not like a yard in America with grass and stuff.  Our yards are paved and usually at the back of the house, very private, where a canine can have good sniff around, etc, in complete safety.  Ours has high walls and is a real suntrap when the yellow thing decides to make an appearance.

We have lots of herbs and other plants, especially hostas which my mum loves.  But so do snails so there has been a big snail hunt to get rid of the beasts and mum has put them in high pots so that I can’t do any damage if I’m doing a spot of – er – watering.

She’s good to me, my mum, making such a lovely space.

Aerial view