Phew, not antlers!

So this is Christmas and what have you done
Another year over, a new one just begun
And so this is Christmas, I hope you have fun
The near and the dear ones, the old and the young.
As usual, I am being dressed for the occasion but this year my mum can’t find the antlers (phew) so has attired me in a jester collar.  It’s very comfy so I feel smart and festive.  The cats have red bling bow ties!  Bring on the turkey!


It’s true, I’ve lost my bed!

Woe, woe and thrice woe!  That cheeky Marley has not given up possession of my bed, MY bed.  Not happy having it all to himself for the weekend, he’s still in residence now I’m home.  I had a brief nap in it after the beach but I went to see what my mum was doing in the kitchen (making bread, marzipanning a Christmas cake, no snacks for dogs…) and when I come back – there he is, IN MY BED.

My mum does not see the seriousness of it and stands there taking photos and sniggering instead of helping me take back ownership.  Says I’m bigger than him and could either shift him or get in beside.  Cuddle up with Marley?  Me?  I’m frit!

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Am I homeless?

Suspicious goings-on back home while I’m at bootcamp this weekend.  I hear that Marley has taken over my bed, claiming possession is nine-tenths of the paw!  Mum has  warned him I’ll be back tomorrow and will be most upset if I’m homeless.

So, get out of my bed, Marley Cat!  You have the free run of house; are allowed on chairs, sofas and human beds so shift your silvery butt!


Ain’t I posh?

Look at me, look at me – I got a waxed coat!  Only the poshest dogs get a waxed rain mac.  It was pelting down this morning so we got to try it for the first time.  My mum thinks she got the wrong size because it doesn’t fully cover my bum, and the collar is a bit of an apology, but it really kept the rain off my back so we were both happy.