Beach bliss

Haven’t been down the beach with my mum for ages but today I’m packed in the car and whoosh…the beach!  It was not long after high tide so the waves were close in and I had a wonderful time chasing the ball in the foam and crashing though the surf.  Back home it was on with the surf dog robe until I dried out then I lay on it in the sun.  This is the life, utter bliss.


Run bun bun


Oh the indignity – mum has me in rabbit ears for Easter.  Marley was having none of it but I agreed for a quick photoshoot to keep the peace.  Really I wanted to run bun bun…

For compensation she took me out for breakfast, a new place which has gorgeous food for humans and free dog biscuits for us canines.  Mum tried to take a photo of me holding my paw to get a biscuit but I was too quick snaffling it.

We stayed for ages because the sun was streaming in the widows, my mum had yesterday’s newspaper to read and her berry drink was slow to melt.

Licking my lips

Licking my lips after meeting up with my mum’s friends and being fed bacon and sausage from their brunch plates.  Two of them brought dogs but they were very shy and although we said hello, they didn’t come out from under the table.   I had loads of kisses from Aunty Diana.

Afterwards mum threw my ball for me on The Links but it was quite chilly so we headed home before too long.  But with all the socialising, I’m pooped and ready for a quiet afternoon.

Got me day

Did I ever tell you how my mum came to get me?

A friend had lost her elderly pooch and my mum was visiting a mutual friend whose neighbour had a litter of English Springer Spaniel pups.  Have a look at them for me, says friend 1.

My mum goes to see them asks to hold one and Leesa, our first mum, plonks me in her arms.  I moaned, apparently, and mum thought I was unhappy being picked up from the rest of the brood.

‘No’, says Leesa, he loves it.

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Mum came home and joked with the Irish Aunt that she almost brought a puppy with her.  Irish was so excited, said she’d walk me etc, so mum made a split-second decision and – abracadogra! – I became a shared dog.

I came home in the cat basket (maybe that’s why the then cat, Sherry, beat me up…) on April 1, 2009, at exactly eight weeks old.  The rest is history…  I hope you enjoy my slideshow.