Now the cat has a Facebook page!

Insurrection in the house as Marley puts his paw down and demands parity with my fame. If the dog has a blog, he has to have an outlet for his exploits, he says.  Mum said she wouldn’t upset me by letting him have a blog, which takes so much more skill (tee hee), he could have his own page on Facebook.  I’m going to have to monitor this carefully, there’s no telling what he might say.  He’s already very adept at keyboard skills.



Published under protest

cat day

I have been forced, under threat of no bedtime biscuits, into publishing this pictorial eulogy to the cats.  I was blissfully unaware of the significance of this Saturday which began with an invigorating swim on our beach followed by a sunny afternoon in the yard with my people and a delicious dinner with a serving of lamb and vegetables in my kibble.

Then, I”m told, a blog post is absolutely necessary otherwise the cats will be offended.  OFFENDED?  We’ve hardly seen them.  Marley has been out all day (hunting, I expect) and Cleo did her usual round of catcalls then disappeared to sleep on the spare bed.

International Cat Day, I ask you; when is it International Dog Day?