Another puppy?

IMG_4249Just waking up and in comes the Irish Aunt with one of her dog sitting charges, a 15-week-old puppy.

I took one look at this gangly, thing the height of me, and thought: ‘that’s no puppy!’  Apparently it’s a Great Dane, great being the size it is now and even bigger as it grows.

Found out it’s a girl and really she’s very sweet.

Had a good sniff around my house and yard, frisked with some flowers then showed me her tricks – sit, stay and eating chicken treats.

Cos I was there supervising, I got some chicken too; quite right: I am a role model for these youngsters.

A new puppy!

There’s a new puppy…next door.  Murphy he’s called, a teensy baby Hungarian Vizsla, nine weeks old today.  I met him last weekend but he was a bit nervous seeing a BIG dog like me the same day he left his mum and 10 litter mates: squeeled and hid in his owner’s arms.

What confidence he’s gained in a week!  Following me round his lawn, trying to get over the wall and sniffing me nose to tail.  I think we’re going to be great friends. I expect we’ll have some walks together when his vaccinations are complete and he’s able to venture further than his garden.

My mum says a puppy next door is all the pleasure and none of the poop!

Beach bum

Mum took me to the beach today and it was wonderful – sun, sand, sea and swimming.  Lots of people around, even kids who are probably from Scotland as their school hols start earlier than ours.

The wild flowers are blooming on the Links and I was shouted at for trampling through them.  Well, if I hadn’t found the ball in them I’d have been in big trouble!

Marley gets in on the act!

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As if getting ANOTHER trim so soon isn’t bad enough, today Marley decided to get in on the act. He sidles over, inspects various bits then – shock, horror – gets in close and… nuzzles me!

Knock me down with a feather!  No, that wasn’t possible cos I’m already lying down, trying to stop my mum getting at my undersides.

Talking of feathers, Cleo was also in the yard playing with a feather, making out it was a special catch.

They can be sweet when they try.