I’m having a last nose around the yard, sniffing the plants and making sure the summerhouse door is closed, the bins are in place and the outside tap is firmly shut off; then I turn around, the kitchen door is shut – and I’m LEFT OUT ALL ALONE!!


Never imagined my mum wouldn’t realise her mistake and come to rescue me.  But she didn’t.  I know she was very tired and ready for bed but I’ve never been locked out and not found.

I waited and waited but all the house lights went off and there was no return.  Eventually I settled down to sleep and it was a good job it was warm otherwise I would have been in real trouble.

I made it till about 6.30am before I started to feel totally abandoned and that my mum should be reminded she’d left me out.  So I set off barking and whining which woke her up.  She was amazed it was me making the noise cos she thought I’d been tucked up on a sofa as usual.  Only realised her mistake when I didn’t appear as she came down the stairs.

She made a real fuss of me, apologised, fed me biscuits and took me up to bed with her as consolation.

Maybe I should get left out more often…