Cor, luv a duck

We went on a different walk this evening – to a local quarry with unusual scents and animals.  There were some brown hoppy things which turned and darted off when they saw me, just leaving a flash of white tail.  Rabbits says my mum.  Hmm, thought that was a dog food flavour.

And ducks, lots of ducks.  No?  Geese.  Ah well, they had feathers, swam on top of the water so they looked like ducks to me.   Ponders: that might be a good variety of dog food…


Surveying the wildfowl


The beach is STILL there!


Joy of joys: after nearly seven weeks of light exercise, my mum took me back to the beach.

I wasn’t supposed to do any mad running around but I was overjoyed, leaping around, barking and yelping.  I chewed seaweed, splashed in the rockpools and had a brilliant time.

Such a relief – the beach is still there!

I’m freeeeeeeeee!

Passed my post op x-ray at the vet surgery with flying colours.  I’m healing just they way they want me to and can slowly increase the amount of exercise.  Got to go back in another four weeks for a final check but my mum is so pleased and treated me to a homemade chicken and rice dinner, just the same as she was eating, when I got home.

IMG_6026I was pretty bushed after the anaesthetic so didn’t do much last night other than sleep but today I’m off to bootcamp and the Irish cousins.  No galloping on the stairs, though, that has to be on the lead.  An no balls or running, just gentle gambolling.  And I thought only Wombles gambolled…

I’ll be back home tomorrow cos there’s a street party and the promise of lots of lovely food.  We had a street party for the Queen’s diamond jubilee and it was fantastic – lovely people and doggy friends.  My mum is making sausage rolls, flapjack and a lemon and blueberry cake in a new Nordic Ware tin she brought from New York.  I can smell the butteriness from here.


But… what is it?

IMG_5994A treat, says my mum, as she tosses a hard pink thing into the yard, not to be brought indoors.  You’ve been such a good patient and been on your own a lot while I’ve been living it up in New York (hence no dogblogging), so I’ve got you an extra special treat.

I take a sniff – nothing familiar about this.  Look at her and question: ‘but…what is it?’

A marrowbone, you fool, a raw marrowbone full of nutrients, she replies as Marley comes, has a sniff and starts licking the end.  Hmm, if the cat likes it, maybe I will.  He was caught pinching my wet food straight out of the can last night so, to me, cat/dog food seems to be dual purpose, though my mum says not.

After he gets fed up I investigate; maybe it will be good after all.  It had better be; she’s closed the door and shut me in the yard.  Hope Marley doesn’t come back and try to muscle in…