But the gate was closed…

…so how could I possibly get in?  Standing there in the street, unable to get into the house cos the gate was shut, with my mum calling me a fool.  How dare she!  There may have been people going by who might have heard.  She has no respect for me at all.

IMG_0706I’d had a lovely time inspecting the fence and the shrubberies within calling distance of my house but was starting to feel a bit neglected, having been out there about half an hour.  Had she forgotten me?  I gave one loud bark and that made her remember.  You could have knocked me down with a feather when she came out – and called me a fool because I was standing behind the gate.  But it’s closed…how much does a dog have to do for himself?

You jumped over to get there, says mum, so why can’t you jump back? 

The shame, the utter shame of it!

I’m hotpawing it out the front door for my weekend romp on the playing fields with the Irish Aunt and sprog when I’m set upon by Cleo, puffed up into an enormous furry monster.   Hissed, sunk her claws into my bum and frightened me so much I ran off down the path – but then she chased me!

IMG_0601Oh, the shame, being targeted by an itsy bitsy 9lb cat and then being run out of my own garden.

I got no sympathy from my family who were giggling and roaring: ‘Go, Cleo, get him!’, not concerned at all for my welfare, or pride.  Then more shame as people walking down my street started laughing.

Think I’d better lie low for the rest of the day, get over the trauma and rebuild my dignity.  And keep out of the way of cats.

Just look at the size of that tail!IMG_0600

It got dark – why is she so excited?

Great excitement from my mum this morning.  It got dark, she ran for the camera and started taking pictures of the sky.  What a fuss when it gets dark every day.

Solar eclipse, March 20, 2015

Solar eclipse, March 20, 2015

It was an eclipse, she says.  Clips, clips, I’m not being clipped again already, am I??  I’ve just been clipped!  Not clips, an Eclipse, a solar eclipse, where the moon passes over the sun and makes it dark, she retorts.

Oh, right; as long as she’s not getting the scissors out.  Can we co to the beach now?  I bet it’s not dark down there; we never go to the beach in the dark.

Hee, hee, cat in trouble again


Do not be fooled by the drop of leftover milk on the chin, Marley is no innocent.  He looks as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth – but not only can butter melt, he’s turning into a voracious hunter.  He killed a wren, a tiny, pretty WREN!

My mum was incandescent.  He jumped on the window ledge with something in his mouth and mum thought it was a mouse.  When she went outside to get a better look she discovered it was a poor little wren, neck broken, still warm and newly dead.  He caught a mouse a couple of weeks ago but let that go.

Mum says he is not to go after wrens but tackle something like pigeons which she hates.  He’s big enough to manage it, let me tell you.

The Brad Pitt of springers…

My mum brought home a new toy – a puzzle game where she hides treats and I have to get them out.  I decided to give her a run for her money and play dumb – no point solving the puzzle immediately when she was looking for a bit of fun.  So I strung her along, did my ‘lights on, no-one home’ act and she really fell for it, starting videoing me and published it on facebook so that all her friends could see.  One of them said I was ‘gorgeous, but dumb as a brick – the Brad Pitt of springers’.  Thing is, she had no idea that it was me playing with her, not the other way round!!

See me in action here:  IMG_0489



She said the cat would work it out in no time.  I challenged her to prove it: