Action shots

Look at me in action – aren’t I magnificent, ears and feathers flying, my Chuckit ball firmly in my mouth?

This is our nearest park, opposite my favourite pub (Left Luggage Room) and not too far from home so that my mum doesn’t have to be pulled too far on the lead.



The best ball – ever

Serendipity my mum calls it but that’s too long a word for me so I call it luck.  ever.  Irish aunt found a pristine orange and blue ball on the beach, looked for an owner but no-one was around so she brought it home.  It is the best ball – ever: tough, great bounce, easy to see.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.08.55Two weeks later it’s still going strong, looking and bouncing like new, which mum says is a record.  The rubber ones she normally buys last 10 days or so before I have sunk my teeth into them enough to lose their bounce and sink if they are thrown into the sea.

Luckily the ball has a name (who knew …thought only pets and people had names.) – it’s a Chuckit *.  They are a lot more expensive than my usual balls (cheapskate £1.99 for four so no wonder they didn’t last!) so I am warned not to lose it in the rocks as we come off the beach – my naughty trick according to my mum.

* Widely available online (probably in proper pet stores too); from £8.49 for two.


Bliss – I am hand fed sossidge!

A while back my mum and friends met for coffee in our favourite cafe and I was not allowed any treats.  When Bella, the café dog, found out, she promised me a sossidge the next time we were in.  My mum has tried to forget about this but there was another gathering today and as soon as I arrived – the guest of honour – I was told a sausage would be served.  Bliss – I love sossidge.  And I was hand fed; had to give a few paw shakes but I don’t mind doing tricks if I’m suitably rewarded.


The joys of spring!


Version 2My mum is the first to admit that our yard gets in a bit of a mess over the winter.  The Indian sandstone flagstones (with fossils – look there’s one just in front of me!) attract thick green algae and look more like a muddy football pitch than a pretty patio.  She says if she’d known they would get like this she would have laid something different.

Anyway, she shut me in the house and got to work with the pressure washer.  I wasn’t allowed anywhere near.  But she let me help arrange some new plants to add a touch of spring colour.

Wonder which pots are going to be the right height for me to cock my leg…

Nursing my poorly mum

Been to boot camp the last few days because my mum has been poorly.  She’s had what she calls three ‘full blown’ colds since the start of the year and this last one is the worst.  The Irish aunt took me back this morning and I told mum I’d be a much better nurse than those cats so she let me upstairs and onto her bed.  No cat food around, though.  I take my nursing role very seriously.