Oh no, a haircut!

    Home – oh goody I thought, back to normal (though I usually go to bootcamp at the weekend and this is the weekend…) and what happens?  She lures me into the yard then goes for the scissors – haircut!  I love being brushed – stops tangles growing in my feathers – but haircuts are a different matter cos I’m terrified she’ll slip with the scissors and cut me. And I have to stay still, face this way, face the other way, stand up, sit down – makes me dizzy.

Actually it wasn’t so bad – only my chest and rear end (which, quite frankly, was getting a bit rank through no swimming) and the bits sprouting out of my toes.  Then I was rewarded with a gambol down the street – not running, you understand, just a happy skip.  I love the front street – loads of doggy smells.

THE CAT sat on her knee and gave me some thunderous looks – you’d think she didn’t like me when all I want to do is be friends.  Should introduce her to the Irish aunt’s two, Missy and Stylo, who know how to behave with K9s.


Off the egg rack

     Phew, I’m off the hook – or egg rack to be precise.  My mum found them, the Easter eggs, in a little drawer at the top of the big chest, same chest where she stored and forgot the Christmas wrapping paper, stupid woman.  She calls me thick but I reckon it was only reading this blog that reminded her they may have been somewhere in that chest.  I expect I’ll get a reward (please, an Easter egg, please !!) for my efforts in solving this eggstremely worrying puzzle.

Now you know I’m at bootcamp because of the painting (gather it smells just AWFUL) and the change of venue seems to be helping my knee, nothing at all to do with no running.  The vet seemed to be somewhat on my wavelength and didn’t prescribe any pills so I don’t have to resort to subterfuge and spit them out (can separate them from even a smoked salmon treat) when my mum’s not looking.  She does have insurance for me so that she won’t have to do without shoes or handbags if I ever have to have expensive treatment.

The sunny is shining and it’s hot – nap time in a cool spot, I think, then I might tease the Irish aunt’s cats a bit.

I have NOT had the Easter eggs!

  She’s in a right state (like the house which is having an inside paint job) – lost the Easter eggs she bought weeks ago.  It wasn’t me, I have categorically NOT had the Easter eggs.  Now if I could get back home from bootcamp and be sent on the trail – a little chocolate offering to get my nose in tune – I may be able to hunt them out.  Personally I think she should write this sort of thing down, like she did so she could find the Christmas wrapping paper after buying half price in the sales (on top of big chest).

If you have any ideas (no, not in dining room cabinet, spare wardrobe, shed or present drawer), please leave a reply.

The decorators are in

On top of being told to rest, she’s now got the decorators in and says I’ve to go to boot camp so I don’t get hairs in the paint.  As if I would.  How will they get it right if I’m not there to supervise?  Still, it gets me away from THE CAT.  Boot camp has two nice cats who play with my tail, not attack me like the stuck up hussy at home.  Still I’ve had a good business bark this morning – window cleaner, decorator and a plumber next door.  Got to keep the vocal cords in trim.

Huh, the vet says I have to REST!!!

      REST???  I’m a springer spaniel, I don’t do REST.  OK, I have a sprained knee (right front, since you ask) but REST, I ask you!  Running after my ball on the beach is my life (well, an hour in the morning…) and if I can’t do that, what will happen?

Well, the first day hasn’t been too bad.  I was very excited when she got my lead out but then we went out the front and clipped it on my collar.  Usually I don’t have the lead on until we get to the bottom of the street so I pulled a bit and peed under all the overhanging bushes so she had to struggle.  We went through the park and she let me sniff the bushes before we went home.  It wasn’t as good as the beach, though.

I got a walk down the street later without the lead but I took it steady cos there wasn’t any ball to chase.  Then she let me wander round the garden but shouted when I watered the hydrangea.  Huh!

Suspect there were short rations at dinnertime.  She says if I’m not doing a lot of running I’ve to be careful to not get fat.

One positive thing out of the visit to the vet was the gorgeous mature black Labrador bitch in the waiting room – just my type!