A new toy

At the Irish aunt’s for the weekend when the sprog and her friend came home with a new cuddly toy – FOR ME!

A teddy in a Hawaiian shirt – I was smitten immediately.  Then what happened – he disappears and a ball appears instead.  It’s a two-in-one toy.  Bliss.

Nine today

It’s my birthday – nine this year, middle aged in doggie years but still very much a pup in all ways.  I greeted my mum this morning in typical fashion, twirling in the hall and knocking books off the bookcase.  That makes her mad but she forgave me since it’s my birthday.  We had a great romp in the park and I excelled at catching my ball without it bouncing.  I’ve had dozens of good wishes on her facebook page.  I hope there’s cake for tea…

Gallery: eight weeks to nine years old

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