Saturday sprawl

Sometimes at the weekend my mum lets me upstairs and I have a sprawl on her bed.  It’s a real treat because normally I am barred – with a stairgate, can you believe? – cos I eat Cleo’s food which is up there, and make myself at home on any bed.  But a mum cuddle is lovely, then I stretch out…



Slimline look

Set in for a sleepy afternoon in the shade when I hear my mum opening the grooming box and getting out the clippers.  That’s my siesta ruined.  I realise her subterfuge now: go for a run in the sun, ply me with biscuits – then POUNCE!

fullsizeoutput_82eaI’m getting used to this now and she said I had been very good, standing still and not trying to hide.  How could I scarper when she had me tied up to the patio table?

There was a MASSIVE pile of hair although my coat was nowhere near its longest.  She did strip my leg feathers and I suppose that accounted for quite a bit.  She says it’s the slimline look for this heatwave summer we’re having.

Afterwards I got an invigorating brush – and biscuits.  Now for the snoooozze…


Oh I do like to live beside the seaside…

The beach, a refreshing swim and ice cream – what more could a pooch wish for?  A new ball, actually, since the one my mum brought was old and went to the bottom after a few throws.  I was looking for it all the way home and my mum said I was a fool, I should have known I’d lost it.  Still, the ice cream was lovely – both vanilla and Kinder flavours.  Wonder if they will ever do chocolate truffle…

IMG_8117          IMG_8120


I am such a socialite!

Very busy day for me and my mum.  During our morning walk we stopped for coffee – well, she had coffee, I had a big bowl of water (and noticed some other pooch had gnawed the handle of the bowl, naughty).  This afternoon we met up with friends and I had lots of fun and cuddles then tonight, to my astonishment, we went out again – to a new wine bar.   I am such a socialite.

It’s still lovely and warm – though a thunderstorm is threatened – so we had dinner in the yard under the parasol and I was allowed some chicken from the table.  Marley and Cleo got in the act too, greedy felines!  Marley wanted to sleep all night in the summerhouse but mum said he had to be indoors in case the storm arrived.   He grumped when she picked him up, ungrateful or what?

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Would I like some beef?

Shopping with my mum after our walk and she hitches me up outside the butcher shop.  I like the butcher’s shop because there are wavy bug curtains at the entrance so I can watch what my mum does, not let her out of my sight.


She pays for what she needs, turns round and sees me being fussed by the owner, obviously off duty as he’s not in his butcher apron, and is asked ‘Would he like a little bit of beef?’

Mum raises her eyebrows and says he certainly would – but ask him for a paw.   So I do my only trick and am rewarded by a morsel of beef.

Would I like beef – what dog would say no to that?