A walk in the woods

Mum decided she’d had enough of our ususal lockdown route and took me to the quarry today, with a warning that I wasn’t to go near any of the big white birds (swans) cos I got a big fright once when I was honked at.

Lots of lovely smells and green things sprouting.  Mum took lots of pictures and is happy that the world is doing its thing even when Covid-19 is raging.


She also wrote a piece about the impact of the virus on our town for an old friend.

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Rudolph lives!

Look what I unearthed – Rudolph!  Well, what’s left of Rudolph: a leg, still with some stuffing.  Rudolph was one of my very first toys and I have loved him all these years, despite being drawn and quartered, washed many times and consigned to the bottom of the toy basket.

Rudolph lives!  (That’s Foxy I’m resting on.)


Rudolph in earlier days

Weekend off

Been on lots of long walks with the Irish Aunt and I’m now having the weekend off: I’m pooped.  Mum treated me to cuddles in bed this morning before a short walk to do the necessaries.  As an older dog, I need to reserve my energy and not get too tired.

Lockdown, what lockdown?

Because my mum no longer works, she’s home most of the time so I’ve not noticed that, suddenly, we are in LOCKDOWN!

I’m having my regular beach forays with the Irish Aunt (and often Chip who is boarding) and my park runs with mum.  Not many people around and when there are, they’re not stopping to chat as normal.


In my drying robe after a swim; Chip photobombing.

The one thing I am missing is the regular visits to cafés and pubs where I am always feted and offered dog treats, crisps and (occasionally) sausages.  All the foodie places we love have closed.

My mum is very upset about this cos our town had been having a great business revival and no one knows what will survive to operate once the Covid-19 crisis is over.

We are waiting for dog food to arrive.  There are some tins of Chappie in reserve but my kibble comes from an online order and we are running low.  I am keeping my paws crossed that we don’t run out!

Mum meets Max in Newcastle

Me and my mum are big fans of Max Out in the Lakes.  Last night mum met Max, Paddy, Harry and owner Kerry Irving in Newcastle as they promote their newly published book Max, The Miracle Dog. 

Kerry describes how meeting Max, then adopting him, brought him out of deep depression following a car accident.  They have since raised thousands of pounds for charities, met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, starred on national TV and attended Crufts where a little girl desrcibed Max as having ‘hearts for eyes.’  Max also attended a Buckingham Palace garden party last summer with Kerry and wife Angela.

I wasn’t allowed to go because of space restrictions but mum took lots of photos so I got to meet them that way.  She said she’d never been to an event with a backdrop of dog snores and dog farts!

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Harry wears orange, Paddy wears teal and Harry is in red.



Two-timed – twice!!

While the dog’s away the cat will – smooch with any other dog he can find!  Appalled to learn that Domino, the Irish Aunt’s cat, is spreading his love around, two-timing me twice with other dogs.  I thought I was the love of his life and…there he is…cuddling into Chip and kissing Ajax!

They better watch out.  I was there first, Domino is mine!


Chip gets cuddles


Kissing Ajax