Sossidge Saturday

Showing my appreciation in our favourite café – I got sossidge well before my mum was served!



Dressing up day

4c7fd2d3-4500-4087-ac22-e2414d40e2d8Now that the sprog is in her teens I’m no longer mauled around and dressed up on a regular basis.  That’s down to the Irish Aunt who today sought to make me look like different well known characters.

No guessing who this one is – HM The Queen, of course.  My mum wants me to point out that when I left the house the scarf (proper vintage silk, no less) was tied as a neckerchief, not a regal headscarf.

Not satisfied with posing me for a royal portrait, she then tied it in another style and hey, we had…Vera Duckworth.

At last she allowed me the glamour I deserve with a pair of blingy sunspecs, rocking the Bardot chick in her heyday.  Which is your favourite?


Lucky escape

Did I tell you my mum injured her knee?  Well she did, a couple of weeks ago, so I haven’t been out with her much as she has to rest it a lot.  Spent weekend with Irish Aunt and Sprog then was delivered back to mum this morning.

Imagine my delight when she dons a coat and says we are going out for coffee.  Coffee, I love coffee – well, going OUT for coffee cos I get fussed and sometimes I get a sossidge.


But it wasn’t a sossidge today.  I narrowly escaped being showered with boiling hot coffee cos my mum knocked over the pot! Luckily most of it missed both me and her – but there was an awful mess to mop up on the floor.  My mum left a good tip to make up for her clumsiness.




Thought I’d show some of my playthings, including a leg from Rudolph which has survived from my very first Christmas.  The red nose was first to go and one of these photos demonstrates how to disembowel.

Pink is my current favourite.  She’s a flamingo, good for cuddling, chewing and tug-of-war.

There’s lots more in my basket for another day.

Whoa, this is winter!!

Brrrr! It’s wet and cold out there today, guys! ⛈️☂️ 

I’m with the Irish Aunt early this weekend because my mum has hurt her knee and can’t walk or let me lean against her.  Unluckily, we left my waterproof back home so I was soaked after this morning’s outing.  Heavy rain, sleet and then, whoa, thunder and lightning.  Now I’m a very composed dog, don’t react to loud bangs, but I was glad to get back to my second home and dried off.  Last day of summer and it’s winter.

IA thinks I look like a seal.  I can’t see it at all.


Not another trim!

Seems like no time since I was scalped and this morning she’s at it again; look like a cosy old sheep, she says, not a fit and healthy springer.  I know there’s no point objecting so I let myself be tied up – run away, me??? – and suffer in silence.  Have to say, we are delighted with the result: my mum says I’m fashioning sleek and young!

Trimmed using Masterclip No 10 blade and ickle scissors for the ears and tender bits.