Keeping my head down as my mum sizzles at THE CAT who has done the unforgivable and messed up her treasured Macbook Pro.  (In truth I blame my mum really as she’s been pretty relaxed about the madam walking over the keyboard in the past – don’t rat on me!) This time not only did she step on it, she squatted down and it started blipping madly.  When she was shuffled off the trackpad wouldn’t work properly.  The pointer was going haywire, absolutely uncontrollable, firing up apps and zooming all over the place.


Loads of reboots later, she managed to calm it down enough to get on the internet and find an answer* on a techie forum.  No more keyboarding for Miss Sherry!

* Switch off, turn back on again (LOL – not that easy, there’s more) and as soon as the grey screen appears, press Alt/Option together with Command, P and R at the same time. 

Oh oh, tum trouble again!

You’d think a working breed like me would be as hard as nails.  Not so – I have a very delicate stomach according to my mum and am recovering from another nasty tummy upset.  Started in the middle of the night yesterday with me being sick, then the rear end got into gear later in the morning.  I managed to go the beach – not so unwell that I would forgo the beach – but was really under the weather all the rest of the day.  It was so bad I was right off my food, didn’t bother to ask for any of the turkey or cheesecake my humans were having for Sunday lunch.

Tummy upset

Slept peacefully last night and this morning I was much better and able to take a little light breakfast of rice boiled in chicken stock.  Not very tasty but my mum said I’d not to overload my system  The rear end was still a bit runny when I went out but I’m much more myself and my mum has cooked me some fish for later.  Think I’ll have a zzzzzz – that will help the afternoon go quickly and get me to dinnertime much faster!

Such a party

Don’t we make an awfully handsome pair, party hats and all?

IMAG0737 P1050707


My mum baked a gorgeous cake.  What I want to know is if it was our birthday, why didn’t we get any cake?  Seems wrong, especially when there were candles.  I counted them – four – so it was definitely a birthday cake for me and Mak.

P1050719                  P1050715