Funny goings on in the house today.  Mum and the sprog were busy for hours chiselling at a big orange ball for something called Halloween.  I was hoping they were going to make something delicious to eat (the sprog likes cooking with my mum) but, no, what appeared was a horrible face with gnashing teeth and blood pouring our.  It was really spooky.


THE CAT has been annoying my mum something dreadful in the last couple of weeks.  We are all sleeping peacefully when the feline decides she wants breakfast and/or out at an unearthly hour (usually around 6.30am).  Starts with mewing then pats my mum around the head until she gets a response.  If it’s raining when she gets to the door the baggage won’t go out so my mum has trailed downstairs – and woken me up in the process – for nothing.  Yesterday the madam continued to meow after they went back upstairs so she was carried down and dumped on the doorstep.  And my mum let me upstairs where I got myself comfy on her bed and had a lovely long snooze with her.  Bliss.

I wuz scared!

Ordinarily I’m not allowed upstairs – something about THE CAT having her own space – so when I get the chance I like to snoop and see what I’m missing.  So when my mum went up and forgot to fasten the baby gate behind her (a baby gate, I ask you!), I snuck up and had a wander round, scoffed any catfood I could find then made my way downstairs.

Horror of horrors – the gate had closed behind me!!  I managed to attact my mum’s attention but she just laughed and then – oh, I nearly passed out – THE CAT crept through the stair rails and perched on a step above me.  I wuz scared, really scared.

Get me outta here!