I love parties

We had a street party yesterday.  I love parties – I get lots of fuss and treats.  It was very hot so my mum put bowls of water out for me and George, the shar pei from down the street.   We were out all day so by the end I was completely bushed, couldn’t keep my eyes open and missed hot dogs from a barbecue.  Can’t imagine how hot they were!

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Not another trim!

She’s been at me again, my mum: forced me into the yard, made me stay still while she wielded those clippers like Excalibur!  It’s only five minutes since I was done – surely it’s not time yet?  I had chrysanthemum paws, she said, and I will be much happier with less fur in the sunshine.  Even skimmed off my leg feathers – though my tail survived untouched!  There was a great big pile of cuttings once she’d finished.

Admittedly, I have been a bit overheated outdoors on warm days but there is always our tiled hall to cool off on once we are back home.  And if I’m bushed when we are out I can usually find a shady spot to recover.


Look at how my gorgeous spots appear when I’m clipped really short!