Party time!

Me and my mum held a party last night.  I love a party – luscious foody titbits, lots of hugs and staying up late.  But it’s Christmas so I was told I had to wear the antlers, at least for a while.  A few photos later and I got them off – phew, comfort.  Marley partook of the party (party, party geddit? tee hee) but the madam kept clear.

We both had a long lie in this morning cos we was bushed.


It’s that time of year again – dress the animals in festive gear.

The Irish Aunt has been messing with Santa hats for me and Domino (Missy is having none of it) and mum has bought new antlers since she can’t find the ones we had.  Marley has allowed a bow on his collar but Cleo is not obliging.  Mum has even found a Santa cushion and put it in my bed.  The sheer in-dog-nity of it!

Hurry up!

fullsizeoutput_8b23My mum has never been an early riser; always the one running for the school bus, she says.  Contrast this with the Irish Aunt who is awake early and takes me out at the crack of dawn.  It’s not surprising that I have developed into a very adaptable dog with two such different homes.

I am very patient and try not to get too excited about going out but as soon as mum appears in outdoor clothes, I get myself in gear, dance about and run to the door.  But she still takes ages to marshall everything she needs – coat, ball thrower, ball, poo bags, tissues, lip balm – so she opens the door and tells me to go play while she sorts everything.

But how long will she be?  I’m waiting on the doorstep.  I wish she would hurry up!