Doggy heaven

IMG_0223  IMG_0220

There’s lots of things I enjoy in my life – in fact, I’m very easy to please – buIMG_0221t absolute doggy heaven is a muddy puddle, especially when I’ve been running around and need to cool off.

The other day I found one on a walk around the playing fields near our house.  It had rained overnight so it was quite deep in the middle and I had a wonderful romp, splashing in and out until I was mucky almost up to my shoulders.

In the heat – or should I say cool? – of the moment, I chose to ignore my mum’s warning that I would be washed down with cold water from the hose once we got back home.  (That’s one of my hates…)  It was so delicious, I couldn’t stop.  Bet she’d feel the same if she were a dog.



Another go!IMG_0219





And a good shake.