I’m having a last nose around the yard, sniffing the plants and making sure the summerhouse door is closed, the bins are in place and the outside tap is firmly shut off; then I turn around, the kitchen door is shut – and I’m LEFT OUT ALL ALONE!!


Never imagined my mum wouldn’t realise her mistake and come to rescue me.  But she didn’t.  I know she was very tired and ready for bed but I’ve never been locked out and not found.

I waited and waited but all the house lights went off and there was no return.  Eventually I settled down to sleep and it was a good job it was warm otherwise I would have been in real trouble.

I made it till about 6.30am before I started to feel totally abandoned and that my mum should be reminded she’d left me out.  So I set off barking and whining which woke her up.  She was amazed it was me making the noise cos she thought I’d been tucked up on a sofa as usual.  Only realised her mistake when I didn’t appear as she came down the stairs.

She made a real fuss of me, apologised, fed me biscuits and took me up to bed with her as consolation.

Maybe I should get left out more often…





Not only does Domino take visitor Diesel’s bed, Diesel takes the ball I want to play with.   The Irish Aunt says I’m a wuss and there are plenty more toys: I have to be a generous host to the guest.

He’s just on holiday and will go home soon.  I’ve loved his company.  I wonder if I can go to Diesel’s house and play with his toys?   It’s good to share.



Totes embarrassment

Mum was going out for lunch yesterday and noticed a funny smell as soon as she got in her car – yuk, dog poo on her sandals!  Where on earth had that come from?

She came back in into the yard – and stepped for the second time into a splat of diarrhoea I’d unfortunately deposited in the shade just inside the gate.  My tummy wasn’t very good yesterday and I’d not managed to empty it on our morning outing.

She had to wash her sandals with the hose, wash the yard then get her feet cleaned and find more footwear.  She was hopping about, all the time to a Jimi Hendrix track blasting out of her pocket!  Because she’d started the car, the bluetooth engaged music on her phone and didn’t stop when she got out.  Was she mad…

Luckily I didn’t have any more tummy trouble but the episode was totes embarrassment.



Saturday sprawl

Sometimes at the weekend my mum lets me upstairs and I have a sprawl on her bed.  It’s a real treat because normally I am barred – with a stairgate, can you believe? – cos I eat Cleo’s food which is up there, and make myself at home on any bed.  But a mum cuddle is lovely, then I stretch out…


Slimline look

Set in for a sleepy afternoon in the shade when I hear my mum opening the grooming box and getting out the clippers.  That’s my siesta ruined.  I realise her subterfuge now: go for a run in the sun, ply me with biscuits – then POUNCE!

fullsizeoutput_82eaI’m getting used to this now and she said I had been very good, standing still and not trying to hide.  How could I scarper when she had me tied up to the patio table?

There was a MASSIVE pile of hair although my coat was nowhere near its longest.  She did strip my leg feathers and I suppose that accounted for quite a bit.  She says it’s the slimline look for this heatwave summer we’re having.

Afterwards I got an invigorating brush – and biscuits.  Now for the snoooozze…