A parcel for me?

We came back from our walk just in time to receive delivery of a big box .

Mum opens it up and the contents are marked all over with my name – me, the box is for me!  ‘Truffle’ it says on a big bag of ‘hand blended’ kibble and a ‘selection’ pack of a dozen trays of delicious things like duck, hotpot and beef casserole.  Mmm, drooling already.

She’s trying out a new brand of food – Tails.com – where she entered my specifications (age, weight – perfect, she put, activity level etc) and they make up an individually designed diet which is delivered regularly.  We’re on a two week special offer trial to see whether I like it and it’s good for me.

I had a good sniff around the bags – smells delicious, even through the wrapping.



I get a professional trim!

Well that was unexpected.  My mum tells me I’m having a professional groom because a neighbour’s dog is currently being pampered in a mobile dog salon  – and I can be next!

I was allowed to inspect the Dial-A-Dog-Wash salon before my treatment and I gave it the paws up – roomy, warm, no buzzy noises.  Just hoped the dog being washed in the sink was gone before my turn…

We are delighted with the result – long ears, long tail, but my chest smooth, feathers gone and all my spots on show.  Tracey, a lovely lady, took TONS of hair off.  People thought I was getting fat but it was just because I was very shaggy.  Slimline now!

I don’t think I had this blog the last – and only – time I went to a proper groomer but it was not an experience I wanted to repeat.  There were awful buzzing noises, a splashy bath and I was so TRAUMATISED my mum brought me home wet.  She should have known I would be terrified since I’m frightened of buzzy things like the vacuum and a hairdryer.  Since then my mum has clipped me and I have got used to the noise of electric clippers.

But we’ll definitely be seeing Tracey again.

Tracey and me.  Don’t I look smart!


Tracey operates Dial-A-Dog-Wash Tyneside


To book

phone  0191 258 2448 or 07548 017233

email   traceydadw@gmail.com

Nationwide service  http://www.dialadogwash.com

She must be joking!

Raining today so I’m smart and protected in my red waterproof coat.  Unfortunately it doesn’t stop my legs and bits of my tummy from getting muddy when I run.  Back home, I’m hosed down, still in waterproof (targeting only the mucky bits says my mum), then a shake and a brisk rub of the wet areas.

Then she decided the Surf Dog robe doesn’t really cover my tummy so improvises a tummy drier from a microfibre dog towel, tied on top.  Well, I wasn’t impressed with that!  Mum’s friend said it looked like a nappy so you can imagine how I felt.  Luckily it did wick away the wet so it wasn’t on long.  Happy days!

At least it’s not antlers

Cock-a-hoop when I heard my mum muttering that she couldn’t find the antlers that she tries to shame me with every Christmas.  I destroyed one set some years ago but she bought another.  Now those are lost so I believed I’d escaped the seasonal humiliation.

No chance.  She comes at me armed with a Santa hat.  I managed to evade if for a couple of days but then I caved in and let her adorn me.  She says I look quite fetching.  There’s better things I’d find fetching.  Biscuits for instance, or gravy bones.




Opened the door and it’s a winter wonderland out there – our first SNOW of the season.

The swelling has subsided on my face (you should see the HORSE PILLS I have to consume) so my mum said we could could for a proper walk.  That means togged up with halti, lead and today, cos the snow was still falling, my gorgeous red Ruffwear Aira waterproof jacket.  It was bliss, even though she said no ball in case I hurt my mouth.



I am lopsided!

Barely a week since I was at the vet and I’m back again today.  I was really off colour yesterday and retreated to my bed even though my mum was cuddled on the sofa.  I yelped a couple of times and she had a good look at me:  I’ve got swelling on my cheek, I’m lopsided!

fullsizeoutput_7173Lovely Spanish vet, knee high to a grasshopper, fusses me then lifts me onto the examining table, all 24.8kg of me.  Bet she isn’t much more.

The verdict is that I may have been stung as there are no lesions in my mouth or nose and none of my teeth are loose.  Given anti-inflammatory/painkilling injection plus antibiotic pills just in case.  She thinks I’ll soon be right but i know my mum with take me back if I don’t improve quickly.


Patient update 29/11/2017

Swelling has subsided a bit overnight and I was full of beans this morning.  However, it’s been sleeting all night and still pretty miserable outdoors so it was a quick turn down the street.  My mum says she can’t take me to the park until she’s sure the halti won’t hurt my face …cos I pull on the lead without the halti.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-29 at 11.11.16