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Would I like a sausage?

Who, me???




Dog tired

Had a long, exciting romp on the beach with the Irish Aunt first thing then, surprise, surprise, my mum tells me we’re meeting friends she hasn’t seen for ages – on the beach!

fullsizeoutput_89dcI had a fun time playing with their dog, Bob the collie, trying to outrun him for the ball and splashing in the shallows.  I was pretty pooped after that but we didn’t go home because mum said we were meeting other friends in the pub.

It was quite late by this time, far beyond when I normally get my dinner, so I had a whole bag of crisps to myself.  I tried to sleep but there was so much movement and chatter that I wasn’t able to drop off.  By the time we got home, I was starving.  Once I’d had my dinner, I flaked out and was so exhausted I didn’t even whine to go out this morning.  Dog tired indeed.


I am a dog Samaritan!

It’s all go when the Irish Aunt takes me to work!  Heading for the Metro home, we passed IMG_3901an elderly lady (older than my mum!) laden down with a trolley and more shopping in her arms.  Seconds later we heard a groan then a thud.  Looked around and she was flat out on the pavement.  We went back and the IA turned her head into the recovery position so she that could breathe.  The woman was panicked about her shopping so we told her to stay calm, gathered her shopping and placed in front of her so she could see it was safe.

A young lad passing helped us get her to her knees then when she was ready lifted her to her feet.  I was a very good boy, just sat and waited while this all happened.

We offered to walk with her to her home but she insisted she was fine.  We watched for a while to make sure she didn’t fall again.

Remember to give them time to gather themselves if you’re helping someone who has fallen.

Dog Samaritan, me.

We are attacked!

Coming home from work on the Metro with the Irish Aunt and suddenly we are under attack!  On board was a Staffy bitch, built like a brick netty* wearing a leather studded harness.  Her male owner was covered in tattoos, lots of gold chains and pretty drunk.


In my working gear

The dog was very agitated and as soon she saw me, bared her teeth and grizzled – the owner oblivious!  Irish protected me by putting me behind her legs but a few stops later the man gets up to leave – and loses control of the Staffy.   

She lunges for me but the Irish Aunt managed to grab her harness and keep me safe.  Eventually her owner pulled himself together, grabbed her lead and got off the train.

Thing is, Staffies are not bad dogs but some owners are clueless.  The Aunt reported the whole thing to Metro Control (he will be on camera getting off the train) in case it happens to someone else who is not able to take charge like her.  

*outside toilet!


My bed is gone!

Upset in the house this week as my mum has the dining room decorated.  I was shuffled off to the Irish Aunt’s house so that I didn’t get in the way while furniture was moved into the hall, woodwork was painted and wallpaper hung.  She didn’t want me getting my tail in wallpaper paste or wet paint.

IMG_9528But imagine my horror when I returned home to find… no bed!  My bed had gone!  It always sat under the big cupboard and it was gone!

Mum said she’d just moved it to a different corner and it’s still the same bed but I’m not sure at all.  She led me to it and I stepped inside but no, it’s not the same.  I got in the huff and wouldn’t go near it.

Where am I to sleep? My bed is gone…



I’m having a last nose around the yard, sniffing the plants and making sure the summerhouse door is closed, the bins are in place and the outside tap is firmly shut off; then I turn around, the kitchen door is shut – and I’m LEFT OUT ALL ALONE!!


Never imagined my mum wouldn’t realise her mistake and come to rescue me.  But she didn’t.  I know she was very tired and ready for bed but I’ve never been locked out and not found.

I waited and waited but all the house lights went off and there was no return.  Eventually I settled down to sleep and it was a good job it was warm otherwise I would have been in real trouble.

I made it till about 6.30am before I started to feel totally abandoned and that my mum should be reminded she’d left me out.  So I set off barking and whining which woke her up.  She was amazed it was me making the noise cos she thought I’d been tucked up on a sofa as usual.  Only realised her mistake when I didn’t appear as she came down the stairs.

She made a real fuss of me, apologised, fed me biscuits and took me up to bed with her as consolation.

Maybe I should get left out more often…




Not only does Domino take visitor Diesel’s bed, Diesel takes the ball I want to play with.   The Irish Aunt says I’m a wuss and there are plenty more toys: I have to be a generous host to the guest.

He’s just on holiday and will go home soon.  I’ve loved his company.  I wonder if I can go to Diesel’s house and play with his toys?   It’s good to share.