Call the RSPT


Have a heart!  Look what the sprog has done to me – wrapped me up in a hoodie.  You’d think that now she is 12 years-old she’d be done with dressing me up but no, I’m subjected to this at weekends when I stay at bootcamp.

Obviously those aren’t my hands you see and, thankfully, she didn’t put my legs through the arms of the sweater.  Still, it’s very embarassing.

My mum says she is going to call the RSPT – the Royal Society for the Protection of Truffle.


I adopt a classic look

I was on my best behaviour when we went to a classic car show last weekend.  I had to be tugged on the lead a few times as I tried to get a closer look at some of the models, particularly the wheels.  No, my mum said, no cocking your leg on all that shiny chrome and paintwork.

An Armstrong Siddeley – two-tone like me – particularly took my fancy.  It had a lovely owner who petted me and said I was just the sort of dog which would look good riding in the car.  He didn’t let me have a try, unfortunately, but the compliment means I have a classic look, don’t you think?


Party cat-crashed

My mum and I were invited to a neighbour’s birthday party yesterday, an outdoor party – parasol, canopy, laden picnic table, chiminea ablaze.  Imagine our shock when we arrived – and found Marley already there! Smooching round all the guests, soliciting ear rubs and winding himself round legs.  Cat-crashed my mum called it, though he’d obviously negotiated the gate as well.

I found an old tennis ball, ripped that to shreds then started begging sausages from the food table.  I was having a fantastic time until my mum saw and said: STOP!  That was the party over for me and I was taken home in disgrace.

Marley stayed, my mum went back and I was left on my own.  Mum came back later but the cat was last home.  Dirty stop out!

‘Just one cornetto…’


img_7361Mmm, my mum had a Cornetto after dinner and it smelled so good I couldn’t tear my eyes and nose away from it.  I’m not normally given  bits of dessert but tonight she obviously took pity on me, couldn’t resist my appealing look, so I got the last of the cone which still had some strawberry ice cream in it.  Now that’s the sort of fruit I like.  Yummilicious!


Mum says I have to include the song from the advert.  (Maybe if Walls see this they will send me more!)



What a day

…I’ve had.  Out at the crack of dawn with the Irish cousin, back to my mum who was still in bed and then a pub lunch.  You know how I like a pub lunch.  There was beef, a bit of Yorkshire pudding, potato, gravy and some green stuff – ah, broccoli.  Not keen on green stuff but there wasn’t much so it went down.  Mum says she’s not looking forward to it going through my system!

There was a lovely black labrador who was really friendly and let me share her water bowl.  I could have had my own but it’s good to share, especially with a smart girl like that.

Back home we had a rest then my mum took me in the yard and, yes, you’ve guessed it – a trim.  We have visitors coming this week and she wants me smart.  I had to have another lie down after that.  Fair done in, I was.