It got dark – why is she so excited?

Great excitement from my mum this morning.  It got dark, she ran for the camera and started taking pictures of the sky.  What a fuss when it gets dark every day.

Solar eclipse, March 20, 2015

Solar eclipse, March 20, 2015

It was an eclipse, she says.  Clips, clips, I’m not being clipped again already, am I??  I’ve just been clipped!  Not clips, an Eclipse, a solar eclipse, where the moon passes over the sun and makes it dark, she retorts.

Oh, right; as long as she’s not getting the scissors out.  Can we co to the beach now?  I bet it’s not dark down there; we never go to the beach in the dark.

I reach ‘the answer to life, the universe and everything’

IMG_0176 IMG_0175February 1 2015

I am six or, in human years, 42, which my mum says is HIGHLY significant.  It is, apparently the answer to ‘life, the universe and everything’.  Wow, I’m the answer to life, the universe and everything?  Well, I think it’s well deserved.

I’ve got hold of the wrong end of the stick, says mum.  Stick, stick, there’s no stick in here!  Not a real stick, a figurative stick.  Eh? There’s a real stick in the yard; I know nothing about figurative sticks.

No she says (getting impatient now), 42 is the accepted answer to life, the universe and everything as discovered by author Douglas Adams.  Hmm, so I’m not going to be a famous philosopher.  In that case I think I prefer a real stick.

Home from my hols

2013-04-03 15.59.16

Wow, what a lovely time I had on my hols – riding in the back seat of the car, sniffing out loads of new territory and being fussed by loads of new people.  We had a room right near to a door so I could get outside easily and the grounds were gorgeous – masses of new smells and snow.  I love snow, catching balls of it which melt in my mouth.  We visited a village near Bradford called Saltaire, a World Heritage Site (which means it’s special) and I had a terrific romp beside the canal.

But my mum says I also have to write about how I blotted my copybook.  OK, OK, I did bark constantly the first time I was left in our room so that neighbours complained – but I was lonely and in a strange place.  After that I holed up in the car boot when my family went to eat or I sat with my mum in the leisure centre lounge while the Irish aunt and sprog went off to swim.  Also, I made muddy footprints on the carpet of our room after we’d been on a woodland walk (the towels too, but don’t say a word about them) and split my lip chasing the ball on the terrace.

Worst, I had an upset tummy ALL the time and….oops, my mum says I haven’t to spill the beans about that.  TMI – too much information.  Ok, nuff said.

If I promise to be good, will I get to go away again?

2013-04-03 16.00.28 2013-04-05 15.14.25



Keeping my head down as my mum sizzles at THE CAT who has done the unforgivable and messed up her treasured Macbook Pro.  (In truth I blame my mum really as she’s been pretty relaxed about the madam walking over the keyboard in the past – don’t rat on me!) This time not only did she step on it, she squatted down and it started blipping madly.  When she was shuffled off the trackpad wouldn’t work properly.  The pointer was going haywire, absolutely uncontrollable, firing up apps and zooming all over the place.


Loads of reboots later, she managed to calm it down enough to get on the internet and find an answer* on a techie forum.  No more keyboarding for Miss Sherry!

* Switch off, turn back on again (LOL – not that easy, there’s more) and as soon as the grey screen appears, press Alt/Option together with Command, P and R at the same time. 

Post hols blog

Haven’t been able to write anything on here for ages because my mum went on holiday and didn’t leave me the password for the computer.  I was at boot camp for the duration which was a doddle cos the sprog went with my mum and I had a fortnight free from forcible dressing up and necklace modelling.   I got to the beach every day and slept on the Irish aunt’s bed every night which I’m not allowed to do at home, LOL.

The sprog had a great time seeing her grandparents and Irish cousins.  They had their own Olympics and saw a wild dolphin in a creek off the beach.  I would so like to swim with a dolphin!

Look at all the water!

They reckon a month’s worth of rain fell in an hour in Whitley Bay on Thursday.  The drains couldn’t cope so the roads were flooded and lakes suddenly appeared.  Me and the sprog had a great time paddling in one on The Links but then the Irish cousin (bootcamp boss) pushed me, literally PUSHED me, into the skate park which had become a deep swimming pool.   I didn’t want to go in but she didn’t take any notice and gave me a great heave.  Ha, ha, she was nearly the swimmer herself cos she almost tipped in!  I got out mighty quick and beat it to the safety of the beach.


Doggy SOS as we rescue Mack

If the rain was hard at the weekend, wow, today was a monsoon with sheets of rain with thunder and lightning right overhead.  It got so dark you would have thought it was a November afternoon, not June.  Trains and the Metro stopped, lightning struck the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle and loads of cars were stranded in floods.

We were okay tucked up in the house but, as the thunder got worse, my mum got a phone call asking if she could check on Mack next door as he was alone with just a cat for comfort.  (If she’s anything like our cat, that wouldn’t be much!)

Poor Mack, the rescue greyhound,  was really spooked so mum brought him into our house and tried to calm him down.  He was panting really hard and wouldn’t sit for 45 minutes even though my mum was cuddling him and I gave him some friendly licks to try to make him feel better.

Eventually he settled down but I was a good boy and decided to leave him alone so he could recover from the trauma.  I think I would have been very frightened on my own cos, as I said, cats aren’t much use.  Ours slept through the whole storm.  Cats really have no emotions.