Taking advantage

IMG_2985Just because I didn’t whoomph down by dinner straight away, Marley, who’s hovering in the kitchen for titbits, dives in!  Right in front of me, head buried deep in my kibble in the bat of an eyelid.

I appealed for help to my mum but she said it was my own fault for hesitating, that I should eat my dinner as soon as it is put down.  Also, that I wasn’t above snaffling his food, or Cleo’s, if I managed to get upstairs where they are fed (supposedly out of my way…).

He’s a cheeky cat, Marley.  My mum got up to get herself a drink and when she came back to the front room, he’d hopped up exactly where she’d been sitting on the sofa.  I have to get down if I sneak up while she’s not looking but not Mr M, mustn’t disturb him.  Taking advantage, that’s what I call it.

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