Happy ending thanks to microchip

Drama in the street as Meg, the young chocolate labrador I like, went missing from her house four doors away.  Luckily someone found her 1/2 a mile away – happy as larry on the playing fields –  took her to a local vet who saw she was microchipped and contacted her worried owners.
I’m microchipped.  My mum says please microchip your pet.

Well and truly vetted

Hey ho, we’ve been to see the vet again – we, as in me and THE CAT.  This was to get the annual booster vaccinations, not another injury or illness.  I really thought we were going to the beach when I got in the car boot.  The waiting room isn’t bad – loads of other animals to talk to – but, after all the treatments earlier in the year, I made for the street door when my name was called.  However, I was pronounced in blooming health and even THE CAT passed her MOT with flying colours.  She was transported in her basket and I could hear her wails from the boot but she was well behaved in the surgery, hardly raised a claw when her teeth were examined.  The vet said that cats are living to 24 now which means possibly nine more years with the madam.

How will I manage – she’s a tyrant.

Stink bombs

Here’s me and my neighbour Mack, the rescue greyhound, having a bit of a nap after playing hard and my mum is complaining about the smell.  What smell??  A dog’s got to let the wind out somehow after breakfast and a romp.  What, we give no warning and it’s like a poisonous gas?  DOUBLED, she says.

Ah, two of us make twice the smell.  I can do that sum: 1 pooch + 1 pooch = major stink bomb.  Well it is sunny for once and she could open the windows…

Good job this isn’t aroma-net.com.

Topped and tailed

She’s been at me with the scissors again – topped and tailed, she calls it – trimming my ears, toes and rear end.  Waited until we got back from the fields them ambushed me, got me between her knees and snip, snip, snip, my bum was nearly bare!  The tail got the treatment and my lugs.  My ears do get slobbery in the summer if they’re not trimmed cos  they end just about jaw level and in hot weather the hair gets bleached.  No chance this summer!

Some of the Springer Spaniels we see on the beach actually get shaved!  My mum doesn’t like that look – always keeps my tail and leg feathers and a bit of length on the ears.  She layers the hair on my ears so it goes curly like it did when I was a pup.

Good news: my broken claw is healed and growing again.