He stole my new toy!

That cat has got some nerve!  Mum brought me a new tuggy rope and I had a great time playing with her.  I slowed down, went for a nap and when I woke up I was astonished to find that Marley had commandeered it and was having his own fun.  Is nothing sacred, nothing precious, nothing really mine in this house?  He sleeps on the furniture (I’m not allowed), steals my food and now he’s playing with my toys.  What’s a dog to do?


I couldn’t resist

I’d been having a great time running after the ball on the playing fields, meeting some nice dogs and coming back when called – and then I saw it: the biggest, deepest, muddiest puddle you could imagine.  My mum yelled for me to stop but I just had to give it an inspection…

It was wonderfully cool after all that running and came right up to my hips when I lay down in it.  A real mud bath, a glorious silky soft texture which stayed on my fur to condition it afterwards.

My mum wasn’t pleased for some reason…


We help other animals

My mum started a clothes clearout and I got to walk with her to her favourite charity shop to donate them.  There was nowhere to tie me upside so we negotiated the door (difficult, she says, with a dog and a big bag of clothes) and I was given a big welcome by the staff.  They were fussing around and asked if I would pose for a photo.  Would I pose??  Oh yes, I am a perfect photographic subject.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the shop was the PDSA, the People’s Dispensary For Sick Animals.  My mum has insurance to cover any unexpected vet bills for me but a lot of people can’t afford this so it’s good to help them keep their pets healthy.


She found the mouse!

Remember last summer when that stupid cat Marley was in trouble for bringing a mouse in and letting it go?  The mouse that couldn’t be found?

Well it’s been discovered now – dead of course, desiccated (that means dried out, mum says).

Although she’d vacuumed under everything in the search, it had escaped discovery.  Probably zoomed somewhere else then scuttled back.

Yesterday, tidying up the spaghetti of cables behind the TV stand, she spotted some fluff peeping out from the big bookcase in the alcove.  Touched it – FUR!   So that’s where it ended up.  Mouse mystery solved.


Huh, under the bookcase behind the TV all the time – and Marley was more interested in watching Sharapova!


Nurse Truffle

My mum is poorly with a cold and a queasy tummy and those cats are hopeless so I have stepped in and started nursing her.  First task is to keep her warm in her bed so that she recovers quickly and is able to take me walks and feed me.


After I’d given her a fierce cuddle, she managed to get dressed and take me for a run down our street.  It’s grey and miserable outside (not that I care but she does), so it was a short foray but enough so that I could sniff the bushes and do the necessary.  Now we are tucked up in the house and I am keeping an eye on her so that she gets better.  If she can’t get out of bed, I might not get my dinner (and I know there’s some spare salmon destined for my bowl)…