Oh, oh, a Bonio

There’s a newcomer in my biscuit tin.  I’ve been munching Fold Hill dog biscuits since I was a pup but my mum brought some new ones home – a box of long biscuits called Bonio.  They look like a bone but are a biscuit…

Well, they had me foxed.

Truth to tell, I’m not fond of bones and Marley Cat has had to show me how to manage them in the past.  This was much smaller than what I’d been presented with previously – but just as difficult to get into.

So my mum has to break the up for me.  She calls me a wuss…


Ain’t I posh?

Look at me, look at me – I got a waxed coat!  Only the poshest dogs get a waxed rain mac.  It was pelting down this morning so we got to try it for the first time.  My mum thinks she got the wrong size because it doesn’t fully cover my bum, and the collar is a bit of an apology, but it really kept the rain off my back so we were both happy.

What a day

…I’ve had.  Out at the crack of dawn with the Irish cousin, back to my mum who was still in bed and then a pub lunch.  You know how I like a pub lunch.  There was beef, a bit of Yorkshire pudding, potato, gravy and some green stuff – ah, broccoli.  Not keen on green stuff but there wasn’t much so it went down.  Mum says she’s not looking forward to it going through my system!

There was a lovely black labrador who was really friendly and let me share her water bowl.  I could have had my own but it’s good to share, especially with a smart girl like that.

Back home we had a rest then my mum took me in the yard and, yes, you’ve guessed it – a trim.  We have visitors coming this week and she wants me smart.  I had to have another lie down after that.  Fair done in, I was.


I just love seaweed!!

Visits to the beach have been rare recently cos someone bashed into my mum’s car and she wasn’t allowed pets in the courtesy car while it was away for repair.  But it’s back so we had a wonderful romp on the beach and a good splash in the sea (me, not my mum).  No ball – she’s forgotten to buy any since I lost the last one – so I had a great time pulling and chewing seaweed.  I love seaweed.  If sushi is wrapped with seaweed it must be good for me, musn’t it?


What’s a dog to do?

What’s a dog to do?  Not just once, Marley is making a habit of snaffling my dinner, beating me to the bowl night after night.  My mum just laughs, says there’s plenty and that I’m much bigger than him so could easily barge in.  Thing is, I’m frightened; he has claws and teeth and isn’t above swatting me if he feels like it.  His food is put up aheight, out of my reach, so I don’t think it’s fair that he should help himself to mine.  I could starve to death!


Changed my mind – I LOVE Christmas!

P1090972 What a wonderful Christmas Day we all had – long lie-in, goose liver for breakfast (had to share with felines, unfortunately), doggy treats throughout the day and guests to fuss me. Then there was the fabulous present from the Irish Aunt and sprog – a doggy wrap for drying me off after the beach. My mum, who didn’t buy me anything, laughed and said I looked like a boxer!  I’m not a boxer, I told her, I’m a springer spaniel (English)!  A boxer – a fighter – about to go in the ring, wrapped in a personalised robe.  Oh, I understand now…Surf Dog it says – yep, that’s me right enough, surfing spaniel superieur.

I had to model it yesterday, of course, but today we used it for real.  I got really muddy on the playing fields with IA and sprog so it was a hose-down in the yard before I was allowed in the house.  Not just in the house but in the sitting room where I’m usually dog non grata while wet.

WP_20141226_002 WP_20141226_003


IMG_2500It was very cosy and I had a fabulous sleep while it absorbed the water.  Then my mum unwrapped me and hung it to dry for tomorrow.



I’m sure those cats are real jealous, not that you can tell from the disdainful looks on their faces – or is that cos they’re wearing bows? IMG_2498

Oh, woe is me!

Vet again!  Last night I was limping quite badly and although I was desperate to get in the dog wagon this morning and get to the sand, the outing left me with a worse limp than ever – and a very sore paw on the other leg!  It’s not as if I’ve been hurtling along cos they haven’t been using the ball thrower which takes the ball hundreds of yards. I got all chirpy and excited when my mum put me in the boot of the car this afternoon, thinking we were headed for another splash – the beach takes my mind off everything – but the destination was the vet practice again.

This time she lifted me on the bench – me, at 23 kilos, her not much more (the vet, not my mum!) – and gave the front limbs a thorough going-over.  My mum held me and I was very brave, didn’t squeak although she shaved some hair off my left paw, said it was very swollen and I might have broken a toe bone.  And I thought bones were just for eating!  Then the right leg, all the way up to the shoulder.  The vet gave me a painkilling and anti-inflammatory injection which is supposed to last 24 hours.  When does it kick in is what I want to know?

Outcome is I’m destined for x-rays in the morning: no food after 6pm tonight, no water after midnight as apparently they will sedate me.  I expect dinner will be something special as I’m so under the weather. and that I will get lots of cuddles.  That will put THE CAT’s nose out of joint.  I’ll just put my feet up for the rest of the day.

Suppose there’s not going to be any beach tomorrow…