The raincoat gets wet

Never known my mum like going out in the rain but she was so anxious to try out my new raincoat that she was delighted when she woke up to drizzle.  Off we trotted into the park, me in my raincoat and her…in a raincoat.  It started raining properly to properly test the outfit.  She was annoyed that her hair went fuzzy, despite her hood, but thrilled that my Ruffwear coat protected most of me.   Far less of me to dry off at home and fewer towels used.  It’s a hit with both of us.



What a day!


Headed out for what I imagined was my usual morning walk to the playing fields but we turned sharp right after the park, down the street and even over the traffic lights.  Next thing we’re in the theatre and I’m wondering: do I have to perform?   No, my mum wanted tickets for a show.

Out of there and we go to a new cafe for brunch, a big choice of hot and cold fish on a board, including some crispy fried whitebait which I was lucky enough to sample.  Then before we left I’m given a Bonio!

Thought we’d be headed home by this time but we trotted straight onto the links then…my mum lost me for a moment but people heard her calling me and pointed ‘he went down there’.  The beach, of course!

I had a fabulous splash around and on the way home was treated to ice cream.  I’m guessing I’ll be on short rations at dinnertime because the treats weren’t finished: we called in a decorating shop, I’m asked for a paw and rewarded with another doggie morsel.

What a day!

Ready for winter

English Springer Spaniels are a rufty tufty breed but it’s still not nice to get wet and cold in winter.  Now I’m ready for the cold months ahead with a gorgeous new red raincoat. It’s really posh, a Ruffwear Aira waterproof rain jacket like those worn by Max & Paddy Out in the Lake District. They’re stars of Facebook and out in all weathers, just like me.  I’m such a lucky dog to have a mum who looks after me so well.

Platefuls of love – and scones

I’m pooped, can’t keep my eyes open.  I’ve had such a fabulous day at my mum’s coffee morning raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.  I didn’t get much food but I had platefuls of love.  I love visitors, from the loud bark I give them on arrival to the cuddles and adoration they lavish on me.  I think they were impressed with my neckerchief fashioned from one of my mum’s scarves.  Hope she lets me keep it on.

My mum has worked her socks off over the last few days to make lots of cakes and savouries.  I hoped I might get a sausage roll but they disappeared in a flash (she spreads fruity chutney on the pastry before rolling up).  I did manage to wheedle a cheese scone but I couldn’t have one of her fruity scones as dried fruit isn’t good for dogs.  Despite that, she says I have to include her recipe because they were delicious served with cream and home made bramble and apple jam.  Foraged fruit too – blackberries from a dog walk and apples from our next door neighbour.

Spiced fruit scones

Preheat oven to 220c.

Ingredients: 500gr SR flour, 2 teasp cream of tartar, 1 tablesp sugar, 3 teasp mixed spice, 125gr softened butter, 125gr mixed dried fruit (with peel), 1 egg, 250ml milk plus small amount to brush over tops.  1 tablesp sugar to make a syrup glaze.

Method: mix flour, cream of tartar and mixed spice, blend in butter; add fruit then egg and milk to mix to a soft dough.  Turn out onto a floured board and roll out until 1 inch thick. Brush top with milk then cut out your scones in your preferred shape.  Pat offcuts together and roll out again until all dough is finished.  This amount will yield up to 25 scones, depending on size of cutter.  

Place on greased baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes until golden brown.  

While hot, brush with a sugar syrup made from 1 tablesp of sugar and 1 teasp water (heat in microwave until sugar is dissolved.)  Split and serve with jam &, cream or butter, preferably while still warm.  These freeze very well.