Oh no, Max has to have surgery!


Max , left, and Paddy

My mum is a big fan of Max and Paddy out in the Lake District*, a pair of English springer spaniels who have huge following, especially on Facebook.  In fact she met them last week – huh, didn’t take me but took some of my Tails.com treats (the cheek!).

Now we find out Max has to have expensive surgery to remove a bone chip from his left ‘elbow’ joint – the same bit of leg I broke two years ago. I hope he doesn’t have to wear the cone of shame though my mum says it’s unlikely as he is such a well behaved dog.

Max was a rescue dog, as well as being too old, so his owners could not get insurance. His (and Paddy’s) fans have started a fundraiser to help with the costs.

Please donate if you can.  These boys are such fun.


* https://www.facebook.com/maxinthelakes/

Update: The appeal raised a whopping £3,830



The joys of spring!


Version 2My mum is the first to admit that our yard gets in a bit of a mess over the winter.  The Indian sandstone flagstones (with fossils – look there’s one just in front of me!) attract thick green algae and look more like a muddy football pitch than a pretty patio.  She says if she’d known they would get like this she would have laid something different.

Anyway, she shut me in the house and got to work with the pressure washer.  I wasn’t allowed anywhere near.  But she let me help arrange some new plants to add a touch of spring colour.

Wonder which pots are going to be the right height for me to cock my leg…

Installation art

Look at how artisitically I’ve arranged my toys.

Top art critics could read a lot into this, positing how I’ve captured the concept of aesthetics in my lyrical deposition of significant objects in a visual arc representing the freedom of the canine psyche.

Others may say I’ve dumped a teddy, donkey, Piglet and a very much chewed bear in a mess on the floor… then gone to bed and left my mum to clear up.


‘Just one cornetto…’


img_7361Mmm, my mum had a Cornetto after dinner and it smelled so good I couldn’t tear my eyes and nose away from it.  I’m not normally given  bits of dessert but tonight she obviously took pity on me, couldn’t resist my appealing look, so I got the last of the cone which still had some strawberry ice cream in it.  Now that’s the sort of fruit I like.  Yummilicious!


Mum says I have to include the song from the advert.  (Maybe if Walls see this they will send me more!)



Hee, hee, cat in trouble

Marley Cat has disgraced himself two days on the trot – nibbled the top off a cheese and bacon quiche yesterday then licked the butter today.  My mum is incandescent.


After lunch with a friend, she put a cover over the last slice of quiche but cleverclogs tipped it off and helped himself.  I was the beneficiary because after that it wasn’t fit for human consumption.

This morning she’s making bacon sandwiches and finds him licking the top of the butter in the dish.

She puts the lid on, goes away while the bacon cooks and comes back to discover he’s knocked one slice of bread off the other (supposed precaution to avoid said cat having a go) and licked more butter!

He’s now hanging his head in shame, in the proverbial doghouse.  Looks as if he’s in the summerhouse to me.  I thought she said the summerhouse wasn’t a dog kennel…

Update July 14

More horrors from the cat!  He pinched cake which had been left under a teatowel overnight – crumbs on the counter and a big scoop out of the tin.  I was allowed some of the rest for breakfast but the remains went in the bin.  I would never steal food…


We get a new rug

Excitement today as my mum installed a new rug in our front room.  We had a cream one, thick and soft for me to lie on (except I do sneak up on the sofas when she isn’t looking) but she wanted a different look, even though my white fur hardly showed on it.

We are now the proud owners of a Persian carpet and, if I do say so myself, it was a great choice because it complements my coat beautifully.  I have always liked blue tones.

I’m going to have to guard it carefully against those cats – especially the fringe which Cleo is bound to want to chew and kick.  I will be marshalling the long arm of the paw.


We help other animals

My mum started a clothes clearout and I got to walk with her to her favourite charity shop to donate them.  There was nowhere to tie me upside so we negotiated the door (difficult, she says, with a dog and a big bag of clothes) and I was given a big welcome by the staff.  They were fussing around and asked if I would pose for a photo.  Would I pose??  Oh yes, I am a perfect photographic subject.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the shop was the PDSA, the People’s Dispensary For Sick Animals.  My mum has insurance to cover any unexpected vet bills for me but a lot of people can’t afford this so it’s good to help them keep their pets healthy.