Back to normal

After the big scare when I was limping and unable to get up from lying down, I am pleased to say normal service has resumed.  Mum would only let me walk down the street on the lead yesterday but this morning I was ready to go, barking her down the stairs as she got up!

No ball throwing though.  We went to the park and I had a good mosey round.  Did I ever say we have foxes roaming round here?  They leave wonderful scent trails which are bliss to follow.



I’ve had a rotten day after a lovely start. IMG_3836

On the way back from a beach trip with a new pal and the Irish Aunt, I suddenly went lame in my rear left leg.  I was so happy to get home where I lay low all afternoon.

I couldn’t get up to walk for hours then a little while ago my mum asked if I needed out and I perked up.  After a very long weeeeee (she said it must have lasted a full minute),  I managed some dinner and accompanied her back to the front room where I’m now snoozing by her feet.

My mum thinks that continued rest will fix whatever strain I suffered.  I guess there won’t be any beach tomorrow…but I am getting lots of cuddles.