Brrr, insulation needed!

My mum sensibly put my waterproof coat on this morning before my run.  Lovely and warm in the house but -3c outdoors.  Marley went out for a quick five minutes then was scrabbling at the window to be back in.  When we set off for the park he was sitting with his paws on the window ledge – inside.

Loads of places have snow but not here.  Hope the snow comes, I love snow!



Sheep no more!

Mum says it’s cold and a bit early in the year but that my shaggy-sheep-look had to go.  First sunny day and it’s all off, she declared.

What a pile of fur she took off!  Huge, would have filled a dozen birds’ nests if they’d been interested but it’s too early for breeding as well – except the pigeons who seem to be at it all the time.  Mum hates pigeons so they weren’t getting any.

Look at the difference!  Five  pounds slimmer and as many years off my age, says mum.  I gave a big tail wag to show my approval.




What??? I do NOT smell!

My mum is very upset and angry after a disastrous search for lunch out.

She’s not been able to do many walks because of a knee injury but today it was sunny so she said we should try a favourite cafe on the seafront.  But, typical seaside in winter, it was closed, as was another we like on the prom.

So we goimg_1182 to another (supposedly) dog friendly place opposite the sea and settle onto one of the few tables available.  There were loads of other dogs and we’ve been there before.

My mum went to order but after she’d sat down again, a server came and asked if I could be tied up outside because ‘customers are complaining your dog smells!’

Mum was incandescent.  She says the complainers would be the three old women whose coats and bags were piled on the banquette before we came to that table and moved while she was at the counter.  One of them even fussed me!

We go in loads of cafés and no-one has ever complained before.  I was in the sea two days ago, my coat is clean and fresh.  I do NOT smell!!!

Mum asked for her money back and we came home for lunch.  I like home better.  It doesn’t smell either.


Trapped, I wuz trapped!

Just spent two lonely hours shut in front lobby while my mum was out.  I followed her in as she was getting her coat then suddenly she’s gone, inner door is closed and I’m trapped.  I thought she was taking me out the front…

fullsizeoutput_8c70She says I’m stupid but that she was worried when she came back and I wasn’t there to  greet her.  I usually bustle to the back door, woof a bit then barge into her legs as she comes in.

Won’t do that again in a hurry.  I wuz trapped!