Such good manners

Murphy pup from next door is coming on leaps and bounds – er, no, that’s not right.  I mean his manners are developing nicely: he walks better and mostly doesn’t jump up at people.  Isn’t that wonderful for a baby who is just over four months old?

His parents are training him well but I think he has a good example in me cos I don’t bounce at people.  He’s loves a romp and is mostly good at keeping up with me – has to be lured back with the promise of a treat when he’s too distracted by another pooch!

Mum should try that with me.  I think my hearing would improve at the rustle of the treat bag…

Beach bum

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We are so lucky to live beside the seaside, my mum and me, the Irish Aunt and Teenager.  It can be blowy and freezing in winter but on late summer Sundays, it’s calm and warm.  I had a splash in the sea, lost the ball a few times (oops) then we went for a bacon sandwich.  What more could a pooch want – sun, sea, sand and a sarnie!

I make a young boy’s day

This is from the Irish aunt, no paw twisting involved.

” Truffle has done us proud this morning. At metro station met a young lad with his mom, he is obviously special needs about 4/5, no speech, just grunts, I met him at the park a while back when I had Chip. He loves animals.

IMG_3846” When he saw Truffle he hauled his mum over and she started to explain, she was sorry but he loves dogs. I said not at all and reminded her I had met them before. The little boy bent down to hug Truffle then he touched his ears and a huge smile came on his face as he rubbed the ear all the way to the end. Then he did the other ear and was grunting with excitement.

” Then he noticed the bow tie* and he started jumping pointing it out to his mum I explained that he had to look smart today as he was working with me for the day the boy laughed and laughed then spotted Truffle’s tail. The mum tried to stop him but I said no leave him. He brushed his tail with his fingers – you could see the joy in the boy’s face.

” Truffle was so kind with him and gave him paw to say goodbye. The boy was overjoyed and his mum thanked us and said that made his day.”

Puppy socialisation

We’re just going out as Murphy and his mum come back from their morning jaunt.  He’d been naughty, putting the brakes on and was brought home early so mum says he can come with us to tire him out.

We went to the park where we had a lovely romp then she took us both for coffee – Murphy’s first ever time in a café.  I showed him how to behave, to take the drink offered and sit quietly beside the table.  We got a couple of titbits from my mum’s sandwich but she didn’t allow any begging.  I don’t beg, so Murphy followed my example.

His mum was so impressed when we took him back home.  I think he’ll be allowed to come again.


We were in Pure Knead, Park View, Whitley Bay.

Best foot forward


Mum ties me up outside the butcher shop but the smells are so delicious I have to peek – best foot forward onto the doorstep.

She bought lots goodies and I was allowed a bit of ham when she made lunch.

The shop has the same name as us so I wonder if I could be a mascot…like sit oiutsiude all day and be a taster?