Beach bliss

Haven’t been down the beach with my mum for ages but today I’m packed in the car and whoosh…the beach!  It was not long after high tide so the waves were close in and I had a wonderful time chasing the ball in the foam and crashing though the surf.  Back home it was on with the surf dog robe until I dried out then I lay on it in the sun.  This is the life, utter bliss.



Oh I do like to live beside the seaside…

The beach, a refreshing swim and ice cream – what more could a pooch wish for?  A new ball, actually, since the one my mum brought was old and went to the bottom after a few throws.  I was looking for it all the way home and my mum said I was a fool, I should have known I’d lost it.  Still, the ice cream was lovely – both vanilla and Kinder flavours.  Wonder if they will ever do chocolate truffle…

IMG_8117          IMG_8120


Training the Irish Aunt

The Irish Aunt is going into business walking dogs and looking after pets in people’s homes.  Me and my pals are going through a training routine with her so that she knows what she’s doing: how to manage us, when we need treats and, especially in the hot weather we’re having, making sure we don’t get overheated.  Today we took her down the beach before the sun got too high and showed her how we like to swim and cool off.

Benji, Chip and me on The Links 2fe4a974-3b99-431f-9b8d-5ef909ac0290Dripping wet after my swim88a7cf37-474e-42a1-8824-c7f61fe6fabf

She does lots more than dog walking and is very experienced in looking after reptiles.

A blast from the past

Mum tells me that nine years ago today was the first time I went on the beach – and that I LOVED it.  Of course I loved it – miles of golden sand, puddles and rock pools for paddling and doggy mates all around.  It was a while before I went in the sea to swim but I knew glorious days were in the future.

Today it’s cold and we are going to…the shops.  Huh.  Maybe she’ll take me in a dog friendly café where I will be adored and petted by other customers.

With my family on the beach 2009; 12 weeks old

What a day!


Headed out for what I imagined was my usual morning walk to the playing fields but we turned sharp right after the park, down the street and even over the traffic lights.  Next thing we’re in the theatre and I’m wondering: do I have to perform?   No, my mum wanted tickets for a show.

Out of there and we go to a new cafe for brunch, a big choice of hot and cold fish on a board, including some crispy fried whitebait which I was lucky enough to sample.  Then before we left I’m given a Bonio!

Thought we’d be headed home by this time but we trotted straight onto the links then…my mum lost me for a moment but people heard her calling me and pointed ‘he went down there’.  The beach, of course!

I had a fabulous splash around and on the way home was treated to ice cream.  I’m guessing I’ll be on short rations at dinnertime because the treats weren’t finished: we called in a decorating shop, I’m asked for a paw and rewarded with another doggie morsel.

What a day!